Effective Technique of Flea Controlling


Effect of Flea Bite on Human Body

Flea is a very small pest, lives on our pet's body, and take blood from their skin. They are very tiny in size, but dangerous in nature. They are responsible for spreading some diseases. Today, I gonna describe what they usually do and also the techniques of controlling them.

Bad Effects of Flea Infestation

People naturally consider fleas as nuisance only. But they are not much gentle as people think. They are responsible for allergic reaction caused by their bites. Sometimes you may get tapeworms, stomach flu and even anemia.

Sometimes they work as transmitters of disease from one body to another. When they take blood from host body of disease and infecting anther then the disease enters into the new body. This is really dangerous. If we don't taking sufficient action of controlling flea, then we may get flu diseases. Now, I am describing the technique of flea controlling.

Flea Controlling

For getting rid of flea, we should know their life cycle. We can easily see the adult fleas, although they are tinny. But, the percentage of adult flea is about 5% of the total population and the remaining 95% are egg, larva and pupa. If we kill only adults then we will miss almost 95% of the total population.

For getting rid of fleas we have to treat those places where our flea infested pets randomly moves. If it is an outdoor pet then we will have to treat the entire yard properly. It is very hard to get rid of fleas. We have to do proper treatment of the entire environment of the pet for getting rid of flea completely. It is very essential to kill all the fleas in all states of their life cycle.

We have to control those fleas which spreads by hatching eggs. If we fail to do that, then we will be unable to get rid of fleas completely. We have to focus on those areas where fleas leave their eggs and treat that place properly.

It requires at least one week for complete flea treatment. The exact time can be estimated depending upon the factors of affected areas.  One of the important factors is, how dangerous the infestation is? If the infestation is in its primary stage and there have no eggs then you will be able to kill all fleas by a single treatment. But, if there have a lots of eggs then you have to treat the area through out a week for destroying their eggs. Good pesticide is very essential for getting rid of flea completely.

Use Poison Baits for Getting Rid of Rats

Rat poison bait

Rats destroy a lots of food grains every year. The list of items which are greatly attacked by rat is very long. They destroy crops, grains, vegetables, clothes, papers, foods and many more. They are also responsible for spreading various diseases. Sometimes they create great problem for us. In this post I gonna describe how to use poison baits for getting rid of rats.

Rat Poison Bait

We can classify rat poison bait into two types. One is single feed poison bait and another is multi feed poison bait. Both are effective for getting rid of rats. Multi feed rat poison bait is better than single feed poison bait.

Single Feed Rat Poison Bait: Single feed rat poison bait is faster than multi feed rat poison bait. But, it is not always effective. Sometimes rats become very clever and they do not eat altogether. Single rat eats a small nibble and taste the food first. If it became sick then the remaining members of the colony do not eat anymore.

Multi Feed Rat Poison Bait: This technique is quite slower than single feed poison bait. But, it's better than single feed rat poison bait. This poison does not attack rat’s immediately after eating. That's why rats can not identify poisonous food.  So they eat and also carry to the colony and eat altogether. By this way multi feed rat poison bait is very effective for killing all the members of the colony.

Where To Use Rat Poison Bait: You should use rat poison baits outside of your house. If you use poison bait inside your house then they may die inside your house and produce bad odor. Sometimes their dead body spread diseases. Beside this your pet, like cat or dogs may eat that dead rat and become sick. So, it is strongly recommended to use rat poison bait outside of the house.

Do Rat Poison Baits are Harmful for Pets? This is really a very important question. Every person thinks like that before using rat poison baits. Most of the rat poison bait manufacturers are conscious about this issue. They try to produce such poison baits which are only effective on rat’s body. You should have to read user manual before using any poison baits.

How to Get Rid of Rodents Naturally?

Rodent Family 
Rodents are cute but not hygienic. They can create health and sanitation hazard. They are the source of dangerous diseases. They also destroy valuable papers, clothes, furniture, vegetable, garden and many more. Today I gonna describe, how to get rid of rodents naturally. You may also use chemical baits. But, this post is about natural techniques only.

Natural Techniques of Getting Rid of Rodents

  1. Remove Food, Water and Shelter: Why rodents enter into our house? They are attracted by available food, water, and safe habitat. If your house is the source of those things then they will come to your home. So, remove all those things from home and get rid of rodents.
  2. Use Metal Bins: Use metal bins for storing foods and grains. This will make those foods unreachable by rodent. Then rodents will not be attracted to come into your house. 
  3. Rodent’s Nest Management: Junk sheds, garden debris, and wood piles attract rodents to make nests. If your house contains such type of materials then rodents will be encouraged to make nest in your house. By removing those from your house you will be able to getting rid of rodents.
  4. Use Silicone Caulk: If you notice small holes around your doors, windows, vents, pipes, and in gardens then you should seal those holes by using silicone caulk. Those small holes are common entry of rodents into your house. Rodents cannot cut silicone caulk.
  5. Use Glue Boards: You can trap rodents by using glue boards. Rodents cannot walk over a glue board. Put glue boards on the common entry of rodents in your house.
  6. Use Mouse and Rat Traps: You also can use mouse and rat traps for killing rodents. Rodents are also attacked by those traps which are used for controlling mice.
  7. Compost Bin Management: Compost bins are the source of food of rodents. It attracts rodents to make habitat in your house. You should check your compost bins regularly, for ensuring that they are not providing food to rodents.
  8. Use Trash Bin Cover: Trash bins are also the source of food of rodents. So you have to use cover of your trash bin.
  9. Regular Inspection of Your House: You should regularly inspect your house for signs of rodents. If your see any telltale droppings in your property then you should take sufficient action of removing rodents.

All those natural techniques are very useful for getting rid of rodents. Hope you  this article will help you getting rid of Rodents Naturally. If you still need to use chemical baits for killing rodents then read other posts of my blog.

Natural Ways of Fleas Controlling

Remove Fleas Naturally

Flea is one of the most dangerous pest for our pets. Our dogs and cats randomly attacked by fleas and sometimes they become so dangerous that they can take life of our pets. Fleas enter into our house mainly through friends of your pets. They bring friends from the street, who carry fleas. Today, I gonna describe some techniques of Natural Ways of Fleas Controlling.

Use Rosemary 

You can make herbal bait by yourself. Collect two cups of rosemary leafs and add 1/8 gallon of water. Then boil those leafs for 30 minutes. Then separate the leafs from water and mix the juice with one gallon of warm water. Then saturate your pet with that mixture and then air dry your pet. Hope your pet will get rid of fleas.

Use Lemon Juice

At first slice a hole lemon into thin pieces and add some water. Then boil the mixture for a while. And then keep the mixture overnight. In the morning collect the juice from the mixture and put it in a spray bottle. Then spray the liquid on the affected pets. Your pet will get rid of fleas and stay flea free. You have to do this at least once in every month.

Use Diatomaceous Earth 

This is an organic powder, widely used for removing fleas from the body of pets. Its cost is very low. It is used for killing house insects. It punctures the shell of fleas and kills them very cruelly.

Use Salt for Removing Fleas

We all know salt is a great desiccant. It saps moisture from things and make dry. When you will sprinkle salt on the flea affected area, it will come to the contact with flea's body. Then the salt crystal will chafe and scraping the fleas and kill them immediately. This is one of the best natural techniques of getting rid of flea. 

Use Yeast for Removing Fleas

It is not hundred percent proven natural technique. But, people believe and use this technique for removing flea. Fleas dislike the taste of yeast and stay away. So, you can rub yeast to your pet’s body. It will help getting rid of flea naturally.

Hope you will get rid of flea by using those natural techniques. Those techniques are widely used and also very effective. If you want to discuss on this topic then just leave a comment. We will discuss more.

12 Natural Techniques of Getting Rid of Ants

Talcum Powder
Ants are tiny insect but sometimes they become very dangerous. They can destroy a lots of property within very short period of time. Although they are very small, they can create great trouble for man. Because, they are social insects, follow a very strong social bonding, and work altogether. They do not only destroy wealth but also spread diseases. It is very hard to get rid of ants from house. Now I am describing how to get rid of ants in the house naturally.

Why Natural Techniques for Getting Rid of Ants?

Ants love to live with us. They choose our property for making nest, because those places provide food and shelter. So, they greatly attracted by our property. Our house is also the habitat of various pets. If we use dangerous chemical insecticide then it may be dangerous for our loving pets. Chemical pesticides might have a negative effect on nature. For these reasons we should use natural techniques for getting rid of ants in the house.

12 Natural Techniques of Getting Rid of Ants

  1. Adhesive Tapes: You will get that adhesive tapes in public market. You can protect your sweet and protein from ants by creating a moat around the container.
  2. Chalk: Ants dislike calcium carbonate, and the main element of chalk is calcium carbonate. Draw a line across the entry line with chalk and the ants will repel to walk over the line and leave that place.
  3. Boiling Water: Boil some water and then place a flowerpot on an ant’s hole and pour the boiling water using the drain hole of the pot. The narrow hole will control the flow of boiled water and kill all the ants, and you will get rid of ants.
  4. Orange Solution: Orange solution is a good pesticide used for removing ants from home. Use a blender for making a solution of warm water and orange. Then pour it into the nest of ants.
  5. Use Plastic Container for Storing Sweet and Protein: Ants like sweet and protein, and greatly attracted by those foods. If you can make those materials unreachable to the ants then they will not come to your house.
  6. Use Bay Leaf: Ants dislike the flavor of bay leaf. You can sprinkle some bay leaf to the ants affected areas. Then they will leave the place as early as possible.
  7. Vinegar: Ants hate the smell of vinegar. Make a solution of water and white vinegar. Then spray the solution on the place where they live in. They will definitely leave that place.
  8. Talcum Powder: Sprinkle talcum powder through out those places where the ants walk. They will leave those places for avoiding the contact of talcum powder.
  9. Use Salt: Make barrier across the walking way of ants. They will not cross the salt barrier and definitely leave the place.
  10. Use Peeper: Ants enter into our house for finding sugar and protein. If you sprinkle some powdered peeper around those sources then they will be unable to find out those.
  11. Use Lemon Juice: Ants dislike lemon juice. Squash four lemons and mix with 2 liters water and spray around the affected areas. They will leave those places.
  12. Use Flour : Ants do not walk over flower lines. Create lines around those places which are affected by ants. They will not cross those lines and leave your house.

Hope all these natural techniques will help you getting rid of ants. If you want to say something then feel free to leave a comment. We will discuss a lot on this topic.

13 Ways to Get Rid Of Mice Naturally

Get Rid of Mice Naturally
Mice are very dirty creature, who are great source of disease. Sometimes they spread life taking disease. I hate this dirty creature. Sometimes they bring great trouble in our life. Getting rid of mice is very difficult. Today I gonna describe 13 natural ways of getting rid of mice.

Get Rid of Mice Naturally

Seal All Possible Entries Of Mice: Mice are not very big in size and can enter your house through any narrow hole on the wall. They need to penetrate their head only for walking through a tiny hole. For getting rid of mice you will have to seal those tiny holes. You can use green kitchen pads for sealing those holes. You have to cut the pads as required shape and insert into the hole.

Use Cat Urine: You can collect and spread cat urine around the entrance of mice. They fear cats and will leave your house by sniffing the smell of cat’s urine.

Use Box Trap:  There have many type of mice box
trap in the market. Those boxes contain food locked with a trigger. When a mice enter through the open door of the box and pull the food then the trigger closes the door. You will have to kill the mice manually.

Use Zap With Beeps: There have a type of sound which is very disliking to Mice. They hate that sound and stay away from the sound. You can buy that device from public market. Its price is around $30.See videos from YouTube.

Keep Your House Clean:
If your house contains materials which attract mice then they will definitely come to your house. If your house provides food and shelter then they will start living into your house. So, you have to keep clean your house.

Catch Mice and Release Away From Your House: This can be effective, but require lots of expertise. You have to through a towel on the mice. If you can cover the mice then it will stay a short while under the towel. At that time you have to put an inverted basket over the mice and then slide a piece of metal sheet under the towel. Then carry the mice and release in a remote place from house.

Bring Cat at Home: I think you are a great fan of Tom and Jerry like me. :P But, the reality is reverse. Cat is a good hunter of mice. They can kill all the mice from your house within a very short time. But, you have to be careful about choosing a real hunter cat. All cats are not good hunter.

Use Bran Owl: If you have outdoor mice infestation then Bran Owl be the most useful natural solution. They are good hunter. They eat mice and hunt for their family.

Use Organic Mixture: There have some good and renowned companies like PestMall who produce mice baits. They are very famous and wide accepted. You can depend on those baits for killing mice.

Keep Trash Cans Away From Your House:
Mice are attracted by trash cans. Those are good source of food. You should keep those cans away from your house. It will help you getting rid of mice.

Use Snake’s Poo: Snakes hunter mice. So, they fear snakes and try to stay away. You have to collect snake’s poo form any reptile center or pest store or snake charmers or zoo and sprinkle around the mice entrances. Mice will think your house has snake and they will leave that place as early as possible.

Use Steel Wool Pads: You can prevent mice by sealing any entrance with steel wool pads. Mice cannot cut those pads with their teeth.

Use Peppermint Oil: Mice dislike peppermint oil and stay away for the smell of it. You will have to place one or two drop of peppermint oil in a cotton ball and place in the places through where mice move. Then they will definitely leave those places. 

Hope you will get rid of mice by following any or few of these techniques. Beside this natural ways to get rid of mice there have many chemical baits. I will publish article describing those techniques. Keep visiting my blog for more useful techniques of getting rid of mice.

Get Rid of Fire Ants Naturally

Remove fire ants naturally
"Fire Ant" name describes many thing. They are dangerous as their name. When it bites anybody, then he/she fill pain like burning with fire. For this reason they are so called. Your loving baby may be the cruel victim of this tinny insect. Getting rid of fire ant is very difficult. Today, I gonna describe the natural technique of getting rid of fire ants.

Using Wheat Cream or Uncooked Grits

You can use the cream of wheat or uncooked grits for getting rid of fire ants. This is very effective for controlling fire ants. They cannot digest those products. You just need to sprinkle those products around the infested area. Once they will eat those foods, it will start expanding inside their stomach and they will die immediately.

Use Lemon and Vinegar Juice

Make a juice using half cup of vinegar and lemon juice, and then pour into the nest of the fire ants. This will kill all ants within thirty minutes. This mixture will kill all member of the nest including the queen. That's why you will get rid of fire ants.

Use Boiling Water and Salt Mixture

You need to have a pot with a small hole under its bottom. Then boil some water and mix some salt in it. Then pour the salt water into the nest using the pot. Place the pot's hole on the opening of the nest and pour hot water into the tube. All fire ants will die within a very short time, by coming with the contact of the mixture. 

I believe natural techniques are safe and effective for killing fire ants. You can also use chemical pesticides for killing fire ants. But, for that you will require lots of knowledge and good collection of equipment and pesticide.

Get Rid of Fire Ants Using Borax

Kill fire ants

Fire ants are most dangerous species of ants. They are small but very dangerous. They can seriously injure your kids. They are small in size but not so gentle. They are the smallest gladiator of this universe.

Fire ants are available all over the world. United Stets of America is a large habitat of fire ants. Most of the time kids being seriously injured by them.

Where Fire Ants Live?

They live in compost pile, moist and dark places, sometimes near kitchen and store room. Mainly they like to make nests near the food and water sources. They like to eat insects, fish, meat, fruits, vegetable and many more. For this they are attracted by kitchens.

Remove Fire Ants From Our Home

First and important step of getting rid of fire ants is to eliminate the queen. Sometimes there have more than one queen when the nests become very large. So, be very careful about killing all the queens of the hive.

Fire Ant Bait

Make a mixture using one teaspoon of canned cat food, two spoon of strawberry, and half spoon of borax. After making the mixture make small balls and sprinkle those chunks around the fire ant’s nest. Then the worker ants will carry those chunks to the nest and will eat. They will eat altogether and die. But, be very careful, do not disturb then. Otherwise they will attack you.

After using that bait you need to do few more works to get rid of fire ants completely. You have to boil one gallon of water and mix with about one table spoon of pine essential oil and pour into the nest. This will remove the smallest gladiator from your house.

Hope you will be able to remove fire ant by using this bait. This fire ant bait is very useful for removing those from house and garden. You may also buy pesticides form public market and kill those gladiators.

How to Choose Termite Control Service Provider?

Choose Best Termite Treatment Service
Getting rid of termite is really very difficult. They destroy millions of dollar's wood every year. Wood provides both food and shelter to termites. Termite treatment is really the work of experts. Professional exterminators have good collection of pesticides, and they know the best way of using those pesticides.  There may have many termite control service provider in your city, but all of them are not good. Today, I gonna tell you, how to choose termite control service provider.

Choosing termite control service provider is really a tough job. For choosing best termite treatment service provider, you have to focus on these points as described below.

  • The service provider should have license form the Department of Agriculture or equivalent agency of the state.
  • They should be the member of state pest control association or the country pest management association.
  • They should have access to the technical and training information of the state which are very necessary for termite treatment.
  • You should ask for quotation of price from more than one termite treatment service providing company. By this, you can make right decision comparing their offers.  
  • You may ask your neighbors who have experience of dealing in such a situation. They may refer you to any good service provider.
  • You should ask for their details working procedure and warranty. Some company provides warranty of their service. If within that warrant period termites return then they work again without charging. Sometimes some company provides maintenance service to the damaged parts of wooden materials.

My suggestion is to take sufficient time before hiring a termite treatment service provider. Do some research and collect data about their previous works. Collect feedback form your neighbor and relatives. Some company may try to give pressure for signing a contact and start immediate treatment. Please do not do that. Termites will not destroy all your furniture within a night. Naturally it takes long time to become the problem very complex. Termites eat woods slowly. You will get couple of weeks, even months for choosing the best service provider.

Obviously the success of termite treatment depends on the expertise of the man who does the work. Only experienced expert can remove termites with great efficiency. 

Remove Termites from Your House by Yourself

Termite Treatment
Termites are very dangerous insects. They are very destructive. They eat wood and convert it into mud. They can destroy tons of woods within very short time. They are real nightmare for home owners. It is very hard to get rid of termites. Is it possible to do termite treatment by yourself?

Basically, termite treatment is for experts. Termites are most dangerous insects, because it is very hard to get rid of termites. But professional people can do the job with great efficiency. They can remove termites from your home with great efficiency.

For removing termites requires specific skills. Without having sufficient experience of doing the job anyone should not try to remove termites form home. For knowing all about termite read this blog Pest Control Diary.

What We Need for Termite Treatment?

For termite treatment we need to have some knowledge about building construction. Because there have many critical points through which mainly termites enter to our property. Those points are hidden and also very difficult to access.

For termites treatment we require specialize equipment. Without those equipment it becomes very difficult to treatment. We require water pump, large water tank, masonry drills, soil treatment rods, water tube, etc. Sometimes it requires hundreds gallons of water and pesticide mixture for termite treatment.

Why Professional People Require for Termite Treatment?

I already told that, termite treatment requires a lots of preparation and specialized equipment. Professional people have good collection of those. They have collection of such pesticides which are not available in public market. All those pesticides are really necessary for removing termites. Actually there have no alternative of hiring expert termite treatment service provider.

When Do It By Yourself?

You may also take the risk of termite treatment, if the infestation is very tinny. You can do it by yourself, when the attack is only targeted to your wooden mail box, dustbin, small gate, or something like that. Just remove those tinny things from your property and take sufficient steps to discourage termites to come back again.

Biological Description of Termites | Need to Know For Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment
Life Circle of Termites

Termites are social insect, they live in colony and sometimes their colony become very large. With the increase of hive size the intensity of attack increases. Termites are very dangerous insect, who can destroy millions dollars each year. It is very hard to get rid of termites. Proper timing, and selection of good technique can make the job quite easier. Early identification of termites infestation can make the job easier. For early identifying we need to know biological description of termites.

Termites dispersed through earth and can also travel more than 100 meter under earth through their tunnel. They take wood, papers and also cloths. They can destroy tons of wooden products within very short time.

Every colony of termites consists with few types of member. There have one queen, few male, solder, and remaining are worker. Solders are responsible for protecting the hive form any kind of external thread. Workers collect food, make nest, and do anything else.

Description of Worker Termites: largest number of members in a colony of termites is worker. They are creamy white and semitransparent. They have no wings on their back. They are also blind with a round head. Their length is about 1/8”. Mainly this type of termites eats wood as food. They construct and repair mud tubes for shelter. They take care of eggs and young. They also feed other member of the colony. If necessary they also fight for protecting their colony.

Description of Solders: They are larger than worker termites. They have a pair of strong and large mandibles. They are yellowish-brown in color. Their head is very large. They also have no wings. Their main responsibility is to protect the colony from external attack.

Description of Reproductive: These types of termites are largest member of the colony and their man responsibility is to breed. Sometimes they have two pairs of wings on their back. In generally primary reproductive termites are called swarmer. They lose their wings just after first flying. They are sometimes dark in color and sometimes yellow-brown. They have one pair of reproductive termites, who are the decision maker. They are king and queen of the hive.

I hope all those biological description and their unique behavior will help you identifying termites. This is the prerequisite to termite treatment. If you be unable to identify them then you will also be unable to get rid of it.

Determine Termite Infestation And Get Rid Of It.

Determine  Termite
Termites are very dangerous, because most of the time subterranean infestation identification becomes quite impossible. When they destroy almost everything and start eating the surface area of wood, only then we can determine their presence into our loving wooden furniture. If we be unable to identify their presence early then we have to suffer a lot.  Now, I am describing the techniques of detection of termite’s infestation.

We can determine the presence of subterranean termites by watching mud tubes on woods. We can also identify them by watching flying winged termites in our property. We can also identify their presence by watching damaged woods.

Most Important Sign of Termite Infestation Is Flying Termites

Termite’s swarm indicates their presence very near to that place. When the colony become very large and the number of termites become several thousand then the winged termites come out and start flying. The adult male and female reproductive termites fly and after the first fly they loss their wings and initiate new colony.

They choose such a day which is warm and following rainfall. They love moist places for making hive. Naturally we can see termites swarm in daytime. They are greatly attracted by light. We can see them around light sources. The presence of winged termites or shed wings represents termite’s infestation.

Mud Tube Is One of the Important Sign of Termite’s Infestation

Other important sign of termite’s infestation is presence of mud tube on wall or woods. Termites create tunnels by mud and water. They create tunnels for shelter and creating comfortable atmosphere. We should inspect hollow parts of woods for termite’s mud  Naturally mud tubes have ¼” to ½” diameter. They create tubes on woods. One portion of tube is made by mud and remaining by wood tunnels. We can see them if we break those tubes.

Another Sign Is Damaged Wood

Termites start damaging woods form the grounded portion of wood. And continue damaging by making tunnels inside the wood. It is hard to identify them early when they attack subterranean. But, careful inspection can disclose the hidden attack. We can see weak and thin wooden surface. We should probe those spots for watching what is actually happening there? They do not produce any wooden particles or pellets. This sign helps differentiating termites form other carpenter insects.

I believe for getting rid of termites we should identify them at first. Without identifying them properly we will never get rid of termites. Although both termites and carpenter ants destroys wood, the technique of removing them from home is completely different. Technique of killing one spice will not be effective on other species. So, determining termite’s infestation is very important.

Professional termite treatment service provider can handle such types of problem with great efficiency. 

Identify First For Getting Rid of Termites!!

Termites hive
It is very important to identify termite first for perfect treatment. Termites are known as silent destroyer of wood. They eat not only wood but also paper, cloths, etc. They like moist places for making hive. They are very destructive, and can destroy millions of dollars wooden material every year. Sometimes they become nightmare of home owners. It is very essential to identify termite’s infestation very early for saving our valuable property from them. And for this we need to know them property.

The most general question of people who are dealing with termites is “What do Termites Look Like?
Sometimes people called them white ants! Because they are very small in size; lives in colony like ants; they also have queen; male and worker members in every hive; they have six legs and antenna on their head and many more similarity with ants. So, people do mistake identifying termites. They think they are any species of ants.

But treating termites as ant we will let you getting rid of them. Because, the techniques and pesticides used for termite treatment are completely different form ant’s treatment.

Physical Description of Termites

  • Termites are creamy white in color, semitransparent and sometimes they become gray also, especially when they have wings.
  • They have six legs and which are comparatively small than ants.
  • They have one pair of straight antenna on their head, where the ants have elbow angle antenna.
  • They have small head with no eyes. Their bodies are wide from head to toe. They are fatties than ants.
  • Termites are very small in size. Worker termite’s length varies from 3 mm to 6 mm and the queen termites vary from 5 mm to 15 mm.
  • Queen termites are black in color and are the largest member of the hive. They have two pair of wings on their back. The wings are quite same length, where the ants have unequal pair of wings.
  • You can also identify them by mud tubes on any wooden surface and/or walls. Termites make mud tubes for shelter and also for creating comfortable atmosphere.
By those signs you will be able to identify termites and take appropriate steps for removing them from your home.  Prevention is better than cure. So, try to prevent them from attacking to your property.
If you don't have sufficient knowledge of termite treatment then you should rely on any expert. Getting rid of termites is very hard. Hire reputed termite treatment service provider for getting rid of it and stay safe.

Kill The Queen of Carpenter Ant and Get Rid of It!

Dangerous carpenter ant!!!!!!!
You may be in great trouble with carpenter ants. They might be destroying your beautiful wooden furniture, even the trees of your garden. It is very difficult to get rid of carpenter ants. It is not so easy, like killing some worker ants and getting rid of them. There have no alternative of killing the queen of carpenter ants to get rid of them. You can kill the queen by using various techniques. You will have to kill the queen for getting rid of carpenter ants. 

Techniques of killing The Queen of Carpenter Ants.

  1. You can use bait for killing the queen. Use borax with sweet water or syrup and pour into the nest. Then the worker will carry it into the nest and eat all together. And then all carpenter ants will die and you will get rid of them.
  2. After identifying the nest, you may use another bait of baker’s yeast and molasses mixture. Carpenter ants like molasses, for this they will carry the bait into the nest and will eat altogether. The yeast will explode the ants and you will get rid of carpenter ants.
  3. You may also kill the queen manually. For this you have to identify the queen and have to have sufficient preparation for protecting yourself form the attack of carpenter ants. Enlarge the opening of the hive and find out the queen and kill it.
  4. Another way of killing the queen is to pour hot water into the hive. Make sure that all the tunnels are filled with water. That boiling water will kill the queen along with all the worker ants. This is one of the fastest way of getting rid of carpenter ants.  
  5. The safest way of killing the queen of carpenter ant is to hire any professional ant control service provider. They are very skilled and have good collection of pesticides. They can element carpenter ants form your house with great efficiency.

All those ways will help you getting rid of carpenter ants by killing their queen. But it is not all! You have to be more conscious about preventing them from coming back again. You have to ensure that nothing is inviting those ants to your house again.

How to do it?

  • Remove all rotten woods form your property. You should also remove moist woods. Carpenter ants are greatly attracted by those types of wood.
  • Keep your kitchen sink clean.
  • Carpenter ants are attracted by sugar and protein. Make sure that, there have no sources of sugar and protein which are easily accessible by carpenter ants.
  • Occasionally investigate for knowing their presence in your property. You may also use ant baits around your house.
Following all those instructions, hope you will get rid of carpenter ants. I believe that killing the queen of carpenter ant is absolutely necessary for getting rid of it. Without killing the queen you will never get rid of carpenter ants completely.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants with eggs!!
Prevention is always better than cure. Getting rid of carpenter ant is very difficult. So, if we can prevent them making nests inside our property then, we can save our valuable property, time, and money. Now, I will describe how to prevent carpenter ants from making nest into our home.

Natural ways of getting rid of carpenter ants are safer than any other chemical techniques. Most of the times those techniques work perfect, and also they are Eco friendly.

Like all other ants, carpenter ants become proactive in summer. At that time they make nest, collect food, and breed. They collect as much food as possible for using in winter. They begin retreating at the very beginning of winter. They dislike cold water. We can prevent them by doing some extra work at summer and also in rainy season.

  • At that time we can identify their colony and destroy completely. You can destroy their hive by wiping out using any spade and/ or any suitable tool.  You should be careful while destroying colony, make sure that you killed the queen. If the queen be able to escape and survive then it will boost the rate of breeding for recovering the loss of worker ants. Then the danger will become more complex.
  • Another natural way of killing carpenter ant is, by pouring hot and/or cold water into their hive. Make sure all tunnels of the colony are filled with water. They will die altogether by the effect of hot and/or cold water.
  • You can block all the entrance of carpenter ants into your property. If they be unable to enter into your house then, they will try to find out another place for food and habitat.
  • You can prevent carpenter ant’s infestation by removing rotten and moist woods from your house. They love to make tunnels for their nests into rotten woods.
  • Carpenter ants like sweet and protein as food. Those products which contain sweet and protein attract carpenter ants. You should keep your kitchen neat and clean. Not only kitchen but also all suitable places of our houses.

After doing all those things, if still you have carpenter ant problem, then you should follow these natural ways of getting rid of carpenter ants.

  • You can make a solution using boric acid, sugar and water. Carpenter ants like sugar which will attract them, and then die by eating boric acid.  You may also use 1:10 mixture of boric acid and sugar. This mixture will help you killing all carpenter ants of the colony at a time. Worker ants will carry the mixture to the nest and eat altogether and die.
  • Carpenter ants hate strong scents of bleach and ammonia. You can spray those type of products on the infested areas. They use scent trail for communicating with each other. So, this process will be hampered for using additional scents.
  • Carpenter ants cannot digest cornmeal. They are attracted by it and eat. While they drink after eating cornmeal, it starts expanding and creates extra pressure inside stomach and as a result they die. [NB - I am not sure about this technique]
  • You can also use Neem oil for removing carpenter ants form your home. This is a bio oil and most of the spices of ants can be controlled by using it. It is Eco-friendly.

Natural ways of get rid of carpenter ants are always better than any other techniques. Natural techniques have no negative impact on nature. After using all those techniques if still you have carpenter ants problem in your house then you should hire any ant control expert for getting rid of it.

How to Get Rid of Termites?

Get Rid of Termites

Termites are very dangerous pest, who can destroy millions of dollars every year. They not only eat wood but also damages books, papers, insulation, swimming pool filtration, liners and even eat trees and bamboo. They can attack any house and/or plant at any time. It is very important to know how to get rid of termites. You need not to be worried about this, now I am telling you How to get rid of termites? 

When Termites Become Active?

Before knowing “How to get rid of termites?” you should know about their characteristic. In spring, between March to May they become very active. In this time we can see them flying. Then they start making new colony and start breeding. They try to find warm and humid atmosphere.

It is essential to know about their presence as early as possible.

When you will see winged termites inside your property then consider it as a warning sign of a massive attack. 
Winged termites and ants are very similar. They look like large ants. But we can identify them by their straight antenna on their head and also with equal length wings where ants have elbow angle antenna and unequal length wings. 

You will see them flying around bright light source. They are attracted by bright light. You also can see them flying around doors and windows. They create mud tubes for safe and comfortable movement. Mud tubes are sign of potential termite infestation.
If they attack any wooden furniture then damaged surfaces will be visible. You might see very thin sheets of wood like papers around the infested area. For more information you can see other pages of this blog.

What to do When Your House Is Termite Infested?

Termites are in the destructive action
Getting rid of termites requires some specific knowledge. If you know those techniques, then you can try to remove termites from your house by DIY.

For fighting with termites you may require special type of masonry drill, soil treatment rods, large capacity tank, pump, etc. Large capacity water tank is required, because sometimes it requires hundreds of gallons of water for proper treatment.  

My suggestion is to hire professional people for getting rid of termites forever. You may try as DIY, only if the attack is small.

How to Choose The Best Termite Control Company?

If you are finding the answer of this question “How to get rid of termites?” then you have to know how to choose the best termite control company.  There have many companies in the market who offers best termite control service. But, all of them are not good for making any contract. Before hiring any company you should be aware of these issues, described below.

  1. The company should have license approved by the Department of Agriculture of the state.
  2. They should be a member of state pest control association and/or something very similar to this.
  3. They should have registration of their service providing firm. 
  4. Then you should contact with more than 1 company about the trouble created by the termites. And then compare their offers with one another. 
  5. You may also talk with your neighbors who have practical experience. Get their feedback and/or recommendation.
  6. You may also read reviews in internet. 

Hope you will find some good service provider and among them try to choose the best one. For knowing more techniques of getting rid of termites keep visiting this blog. I will continue posting useful information’s about removing termites from home. 

You may also share your thinking, question and also suggestion relevant to this topic in the comment area. 

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