Biological Description of Termites | Need to Know For Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment
Life Circle of Termites

Termites are social insect, they live in colony and sometimes their colony become very large. With the increase of hive size the intensity of attack increases. Termites are very dangerous insect, who can destroy millions dollars each year. It is very hard to get rid of termites. Proper timing, and selection of good technique can make the job quite easier. Early identification of termites infestation can make the job easier. For early identifying we need to know biological description of termites.

Termites dispersed through earth and can also travel more than 100 meter under earth through their tunnel. They take wood, papers and also cloths. They can destroy tons of wooden products within very short time.

Every colony of termites consists with few types of member. There have one queen, few male, solder, and remaining are worker. Solders are responsible for protecting the hive form any kind of external thread. Workers collect food, make nest, and do anything else.

Description of Worker Termites: largest number of members in a colony of termites is worker. They are creamy white and semitransparent. They have no wings on their back. They are also blind with a round head. Their length is about 1/8”. Mainly this type of termites eats wood as food. They construct and repair mud tubes for shelter. They take care of eggs and young. They also feed other member of the colony. If necessary they also fight for protecting their colony.

Description of Solders: They are larger than worker termites. They have a pair of strong and large mandibles. They are yellowish-brown in color. Their head is very large. They also have no wings. Their main responsibility is to protect the colony from external attack.

Description of Reproductive: These types of termites are largest member of the colony and their man responsibility is to breed. Sometimes they have two pairs of wings on their back. In generally primary reproductive termites are called swarmer. They lose their wings just after first flying. They are sometimes dark in color and sometimes yellow-brown. They have one pair of reproductive termites, who are the decision maker. They are king and queen of the hive.

I hope all those biological description and their unique behavior will help you identifying termites. This is the prerequisite to termite treatment. If you be unable to identify them then you will also be unable to get rid of it.

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