How to Choose Termite Control Service Provider?

Choose Best Termite Treatment Service
Getting rid of termite is really very difficult. They destroy millions of dollar's wood every year. Wood provides both food and shelter to termites. Termite treatment is really the work of experts. Professional exterminators have good collection of pesticides, and they know the best way of using those pesticides.  There may have many termite control service provider in your city, but all of them are not good. Today, I gonna tell you, how to choose termite control service provider.

Choosing termite control service provider is really a tough job. For choosing best termite treatment service provider, you have to focus on these points as described below.

  • The service provider should have license form the Department of Agriculture or equivalent agency of the state.
  • They should be the member of state pest control association or the country pest management association.
  • They should have access to the technical and training information of the state which are very necessary for termite treatment.
  • You should ask for quotation of price from more than one termite treatment service providing company. By this, you can make right decision comparing their offers.  
  • You may ask your neighbors who have experience of dealing in such a situation. They may refer you to any good service provider.
  • You should ask for their details working procedure and warranty. Some company provides warranty of their service. If within that warrant period termites return then they work again without charging. Sometimes some company provides maintenance service to the damaged parts of wooden materials.

My suggestion is to take sufficient time before hiring a termite treatment service provider. Do some research and collect data about their previous works. Collect feedback form your neighbor and relatives. Some company may try to give pressure for signing a contact and start immediate treatment. Please do not do that. Termites will not destroy all your furniture within a night. Naturally it takes long time to become the problem very complex. Termites eat woods slowly. You will get couple of weeks, even months for choosing the best service provider.

Obviously the success of termite treatment depends on the expertise of the man who does the work. Only experienced expert can remove termites with great efficiency. 


  1. Listed good point while choosing pest control company. We are a pest control company following all guidelines and have all license that a pest control must have.

  2. Thanks @Sunil

    What type of preventive actions do you use as expert Exterminator while fighting against Termites?

  3. I also believe it that choosing the best service provider is really very challenging for every house owners. Proper knowledge plays vital role for choosing the best service.

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  4. Termite treatment is really very challenging. Proper knowledge and dedication is must for controlling termite. Termite bait stations are really very effective for controlling termites.

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  6. Points discussed to choose the termite control service provider are the finest and relevant ones. Surely with the help of these points one can choose the suitable termite control service provider.

    1. You are right. Success mostly depends on the proper selection of termite control service provider

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  11. I'm glad you mentioned that you should check for a license from a company before hiring them. There are a lot of companies out there that aren't licensed, and most of the time you shouldn't really trust them. A good reliable company will be able to help you best.

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