Determine Termite Infestation And Get Rid Of It.

Determine  Termite
Termites are very dangerous, because most of the time subterranean infestation identification becomes quite impossible. When they destroy almost everything and start eating the surface area of wood, only then we can determine their presence into our loving wooden furniture. If we be unable to identify their presence early then we have to suffer a lot.  Now, I am describing the techniques of detection of termite’s infestation.

We can determine the presence of subterranean termites by watching mud tubes on woods. We can also identify them by watching flying winged termites in our property. We can also identify their presence by watching damaged woods.

Most Important Sign of Termite Infestation Is Flying Termites

Termite’s swarm indicates their presence very near to that place. When the colony become very large and the number of termites become several thousand then the winged termites come out and start flying. The adult male and female reproductive termites fly and after the first fly they loss their wings and initiate new colony.

They choose such a day which is warm and following rainfall. They love moist places for making hive. Naturally we can see termites swarm in daytime. They are greatly attracted by light. We can see them around light sources. The presence of winged termites or shed wings represents termite’s infestation.

Mud Tube Is One of the Important Sign of Termite’s Infestation

Other important sign of termite’s infestation is presence of mud tube on wall or woods. Termites create tunnels by mud and water. They create tunnels for shelter and creating comfortable atmosphere. We should inspect hollow parts of woods for termite’s mud  Naturally mud tubes have ¼” to ½” diameter. They create tubes on woods. One portion of tube is made by mud and remaining by wood tunnels. We can see them if we break those tubes.

Another Sign Is Damaged Wood

Termites start damaging woods form the grounded portion of wood. And continue damaging by making tunnels inside the wood. It is hard to identify them early when they attack subterranean. But, careful inspection can disclose the hidden attack. We can see weak and thin wooden surface. We should probe those spots for watching what is actually happening there? They do not produce any wooden particles or pellets. This sign helps differentiating termites form other carpenter insects.

I believe for getting rid of termites we should identify them at first. Without identifying them properly we will never get rid of termites. Although both termites and carpenter ants destroys wood, the technique of removing them from home is completely different. Technique of killing one spice will not be effective on other species. So, determining termite’s infestation is very important.

Professional termite treatment service provider can handle such types of problem with great efficiency. 

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  1. That is really crazy that you can see it there are termites through mud holes that they leave. Thanks for telling me about this tip to finding the termites. I am pretty sure my house has them and I need to be sure.


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