Identify First For Getting Rid of Termites!!

Termites hive
It is very important to identify termite first for perfect treatment. Termites are known as silent destroyer of wood. They eat not only wood but also paper, cloths, etc. They like moist places for making hive. They are very destructive, and can destroy millions of dollars wooden material every year. Sometimes they become nightmare of home owners. It is very essential to identify termite’s infestation very early for saving our valuable property from them. And for this we need to know them property.

The most general question of people who are dealing with termites is “What do Termites Look Like?
Sometimes people called them white ants! Because they are very small in size; lives in colony like ants; they also have queen; male and worker members in every hive; they have six legs and antenna on their head and many more similarity with ants. So, people do mistake identifying termites. They think they are any species of ants.

But treating termites as ant we will let you getting rid of them. Because, the techniques and pesticides used for termite treatment are completely different form ant’s treatment.

Physical Description of Termites

  • Termites are creamy white in color, semitransparent and sometimes they become gray also, especially when they have wings.
  • They have six legs and which are comparatively small than ants.
  • They have one pair of straight antenna on their head, where the ants have elbow angle antenna.
  • They have small head with no eyes. Their bodies are wide from head to toe. They are fatties than ants.
  • Termites are very small in size. Worker termite’s length varies from 3 mm to 6 mm and the queen termites vary from 5 mm to 15 mm.
  • Queen termites are black in color and are the largest member of the hive. They have two pair of wings on their back. The wings are quite same length, where the ants have unequal pair of wings.
  • You can also identify them by mud tubes on any wooden surface and/or walls. Termites make mud tubes for shelter and also for creating comfortable atmosphere.
By those signs you will be able to identify termites and take appropriate steps for removing them from your home.  Prevention is better than cure. So, try to prevent them from attacking to your property.
If you don't have sufficient knowledge of termite treatment then you should rely on any expert. Getting rid of termites is very hard. Hire reputed termite treatment service provider for getting rid of it and stay safe.

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