Kill The Queen of Carpenter Ant and Get Rid of It!

Dangerous carpenter ant!!!!!!!
You may be in great trouble with carpenter ants. They might be destroying your beautiful wooden furniture, even the trees of your garden. It is very difficult to get rid of carpenter ants. It is not so easy, like killing some worker ants and getting rid of them. There have no alternative of killing the queen of carpenter ants to get rid of them. You can kill the queen by using various techniques. You will have to kill the queen for getting rid of carpenter ants. 

Techniques of killing The Queen of Carpenter Ants.

  1. You can use bait for killing the queen. Use borax with sweet water or syrup and pour into the nest. Then the worker will carry it into the nest and eat all together. And then all carpenter ants will die and you will get rid of them.
  2. After identifying the nest, you may use another bait of baker’s yeast and molasses mixture. Carpenter ants like molasses, for this they will carry the bait into the nest and will eat altogether. The yeast will explode the ants and you will get rid of carpenter ants.
  3. You may also kill the queen manually. For this you have to identify the queen and have to have sufficient preparation for protecting yourself form the attack of carpenter ants. Enlarge the opening of the hive and find out the queen and kill it.
  4. Another way of killing the queen is to pour hot water into the hive. Make sure that all the tunnels are filled with water. That boiling water will kill the queen along with all the worker ants. This is one of the fastest way of getting rid of carpenter ants.  
  5. The safest way of killing the queen of carpenter ant is to hire any professional ant control service provider. They are very skilled and have good collection of pesticides. They can element carpenter ants form your house with great efficiency.

All those ways will help you getting rid of carpenter ants by killing their queen. But it is not all! You have to be more conscious about preventing them from coming back again. You have to ensure that nothing is inviting those ants to your house again.

How to do it?

  • Remove all rotten woods form your property. You should also remove moist woods. Carpenter ants are greatly attracted by those types of wood.
  • Keep your kitchen sink clean.
  • Carpenter ants are attracted by sugar and protein. Make sure that, there have no sources of sugar and protein which are easily accessible by carpenter ants.
  • Occasionally investigate for knowing their presence in your property. You may also use ant baits around your house.
Following all those instructions, hope you will get rid of carpenter ants. I believe that killing the queen of carpenter ant is absolutely necessary for getting rid of it. Without killing the queen you will never get rid of carpenter ants completely.


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