13 Ways to Get Rid Of Mice Naturally

Get Rid of Mice Naturally
Mice are very dirty creature, who are great source of disease. Sometimes they spread life taking disease. I hate this dirty creature. Sometimes they bring great trouble in our life. Getting rid of mice is very difficult. Today I gonna describe 13 natural ways of getting rid of mice.

Get Rid of Mice Naturally

Seal All Possible Entries Of Mice: Mice are not very big in size and can enter your house through any narrow hole on the wall. They need to penetrate their head only for walking through a tiny hole. For getting rid of mice you will have to seal those tiny holes. You can use green kitchen pads for sealing those holes. You have to cut the pads as required shape and insert into the hole.

Use Cat Urine: You can collect and spread cat urine around the entrance of mice. They fear cats and will leave your house by sniffing the smell of cat’s urine.

Use Box Trap:  There have many type of mice box
trap in the market. Those boxes contain food locked with a trigger. When a mice enter through the open door of the box and pull the food then the trigger closes the door. You will have to kill the mice manually.

Use Zap With Beeps: There have a type of sound which is very disliking to Mice. They hate that sound and stay away from the sound. You can buy that device from public market. Its price is around $30.See videos from YouTube.

Keep Your House Clean:
If your house contains materials which attract mice then they will definitely come to your house. If your house provides food and shelter then they will start living into your house. So, you have to keep clean your house.

Catch Mice and Release Away From Your House: This can be effective, but require lots of expertise. You have to through a towel on the mice. If you can cover the mice then it will stay a short while under the towel. At that time you have to put an inverted basket over the mice and then slide a piece of metal sheet under the towel. Then carry the mice and release in a remote place from house.

Bring Cat at Home: I think you are a great fan of Tom and Jerry like me. :P But, the reality is reverse. Cat is a good hunter of mice. They can kill all the mice from your house within a very short time. But, you have to be careful about choosing a real hunter cat. All cats are not good hunter.

Use Bran Owl: If you have outdoor mice infestation then Bran Owl be the most useful natural solution. They are good hunter. They eat mice and hunt for their family.

Use Organic Mixture: There have some good and renowned companies like PestMall who produce mice baits. They are very famous and wide accepted. You can depend on those baits for killing mice.

Keep Trash Cans Away From Your House:
Mice are attracted by trash cans. Those are good source of food. You should keep those cans away from your house. It will help you getting rid of mice.

Use Snake’s Poo: Snakes hunter mice. So, they fear snakes and try to stay away. You have to collect snake’s poo form any reptile center or pest store or snake charmers or zoo and sprinkle around the mice entrances. Mice will think your house has snake and they will leave that place as early as possible.

Use Steel Wool Pads: You can prevent mice by sealing any entrance with steel wool pads. Mice cannot cut those pads with their teeth.

Use Peppermint Oil: Mice dislike peppermint oil and stay away for the smell of it. You will have to place one or two drop of peppermint oil in a cotton ball and place in the places through where mice move. Then they will definitely leave those places. 

Hope you will get rid of mice by following any or few of these techniques. Beside this natural ways to get rid of mice there have many chemical baits. I will publish article describing those techniques. Keep visiting my blog for more useful techniques of getting rid of mice.


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  3. My aunt had last year many mice in her basement, so she decided to suck up all with her indoor vacuum cleaner. The vacuum made so funny noises if the mice were suck into the vacuum hose...and after one hour my aunt trapped more than 10 mouses in the dust bag.


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