Effective Technique of Flea Controlling


Effect of Flea Bite on Human Body

Flea is a very small pest, lives on our pet's body, and take blood from their skin. They are very tiny in size, but dangerous in nature. They are responsible for spreading some diseases. Today, I gonna describe what they usually do and also the techniques of controlling them.

Bad Effects of Flea Infestation

People naturally consider fleas as nuisance only. But they are not much gentle as people think. They are responsible for allergic reaction caused by their bites. Sometimes you may get tapeworms, stomach flu and even anemia.

Sometimes they work as transmitters of disease from one body to another. When they take blood from host body of disease and infecting anther then the disease enters into the new body. This is really dangerous. If we don't taking sufficient action of controlling flea, then we may get flu diseases. Now, I am describing the technique of flea controlling.

Flea Controlling

For getting rid of flea, we should know their life cycle. We can easily see the adult fleas, although they are tinny. But, the percentage of adult flea is about 5% of the total population and the remaining 95% are egg, larva and pupa. If we kill only adults then we will miss almost 95% of the total population.

For getting rid of fleas we have to treat those places where our flea infested pets randomly moves. If it is an outdoor pet then we will have to treat the entire yard properly. It is very hard to get rid of fleas. We have to do proper treatment of the entire environment of the pet for getting rid of flea completely. It is very essential to kill all the fleas in all states of their life cycle.

We have to control those fleas which spreads by hatching eggs. If we fail to do that, then we will be unable to get rid of fleas completely. We have to focus on those areas where fleas leave their eggs and treat that place properly.

It requires at least one week for complete flea treatment. The exact time can be estimated depending upon the factors of affected areas.  One of the important factors is, how dangerous the infestation is? If the infestation is in its primary stage and there have no eggs then you will be able to kill all fleas by a single treatment. But, if there have a lots of eggs then you have to treat the area through out a week for destroying their eggs. Good pesticide is very essential for getting rid of flea completely.

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