Get Rid of Fire Ants Naturally

Remove fire ants naturally
"Fire Ant" name describes many thing. They are dangerous as their name. When it bites anybody, then he/she fill pain like burning with fire. For this reason they are so called. Your loving baby may be the cruel victim of this tinny insect. Getting rid of fire ant is very difficult. Today, I gonna describe the natural technique of getting rid of fire ants.

Using Wheat Cream or Uncooked Grits

You can use the cream of wheat or uncooked grits for getting rid of fire ants. This is very effective for controlling fire ants. They cannot digest those products. You just need to sprinkle those products around the infested area. Once they will eat those foods, it will start expanding inside their stomach and they will die immediately.

Use Lemon and Vinegar Juice

Make a juice using half cup of vinegar and lemon juice, and then pour into the nest of the fire ants. This will kill all ants within thirty minutes. This mixture will kill all member of the nest including the queen. That's why you will get rid of fire ants.

Use Boiling Water and Salt Mixture

You need to have a pot with a small hole under its bottom. Then boil some water and mix some salt in it. Then pour the salt water into the nest using the pot. Place the pot's hole on the opening of the nest and pour hot water into the tube. All fire ants will die within a very short time, by coming with the contact of the mixture. 

I believe natural techniques are safe and effective for killing fire ants. You can also use chemical pesticides for killing fire ants. But, for that you will require lots of knowledge and good collection of equipment and pesticide.


  1. Studies have shown that grits,cream of wheat and similar products will NOT kill ants.. It's just an "old wives tale"

  2. Thanks @Anonymous for your comment. After reading your comment I searched in YahooAnswer and found a question about effectiveness of wheat for killing ants. one of my wise friend called "Lar" provided the best answer of the question. His answer was as follows...........
    NO...any search of University sites such as Texas A&M, Purdue, Clemson..etc will show experiments using such food as a home remedy for ant control. Ants are designed only to be able to feed on a liquid diet, so they can't eat cream of wheat, drink water swell up and explode.... What they will do is feed some of this to their larvae that readily ingest it and then regurgitate a sugary liquid substance that will fed the adult ants of the nest. You can cause an ant bed to move by dumping such products on the bed (wouldn't you pack up and move if some unseen force dumped crap on your house), this will give the appearance that the nest is dead, but what probably happened was that where you had one nest, it budded into several new ones elsewhere that after a few weeks will be large enough to now address.

  3. I like vinegar and lemon juice for controlling ants. Hot water is also effective for getting rid of ants. Baby powder is also effective for controlling ants. Because they can not walk over talcum powder.


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