Get Rid of Fire Ants Using Borax

Kill fire ants

Fire ants are most dangerous species of ants. They are small but very dangerous. They can seriously injure your kids. They are small in size but not so gentle. They are the smallest gladiator of this universe.

Fire ants are available all over the world. United Stets of America is a large habitat of fire ants. Most of the time kids being seriously injured by them.

Where Fire Ants Live?

They live in compost pile, moist and dark places, sometimes near kitchen and store room. Mainly they like to make nests near the food and water sources. They like to eat insects, fish, meat, fruits, vegetable and many more. For this they are attracted by kitchens.

Remove Fire Ants From Our Home

First and important step of getting rid of fire ants is to eliminate the queen. Sometimes there have more than one queen when the nests become very large. So, be very careful about killing all the queens of the hive.

Fire Ant Bait

Make a mixture using one teaspoon of canned cat food, two spoon of strawberry, and half spoon of borax. After making the mixture make small balls and sprinkle those chunks around the fire ant’s nest. Then the worker ants will carry those chunks to the nest and will eat. They will eat altogether and die. But, be very careful, do not disturb then. Otherwise they will attack you.

After using that bait you need to do few more works to get rid of fire ants completely. You have to boil one gallon of water and mix with about one table spoon of pine essential oil and pour into the nest. This will remove the smallest gladiator from your house.

Hope you will be able to remove fire ant by using this bait. This fire ant bait is very useful for removing those from house and garden. You may also buy pesticides form public market and kill those gladiators.

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  1. I had no idea that there was such an easy solution to killing fire ants. I have been having a really bad ant problem in general, especially during the summers. Would it be possible that this kind of solution would work for all ants in general?


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