How to Get Rid of Rodents Naturally?

Rodent Family 
Rodents are cute but not hygienic. They can create health and sanitation hazard. They are the source of dangerous diseases. They also destroy valuable papers, clothes, furniture, vegetable, garden and many more. Today I gonna describe, how to get rid of rodents naturally. You may also use chemical baits. But, this post is about natural techniques only.

Natural Techniques of Getting Rid of Rodents

  1. Remove Food, Water and Shelter: Why rodents enter into our house? They are attracted by available food, water, and safe habitat. If your house is the source of those things then they will come to your home. So, remove all those things from home and get rid of rodents.
  2. Use Metal Bins: Use metal bins for storing foods and grains. This will make those foods unreachable by rodent. Then rodents will not be attracted to come into your house. 
  3. Rodent’s Nest Management: Junk sheds, garden debris, and wood piles attract rodents to make nests. If your house contains such type of materials then rodents will be encouraged to make nest in your house. By removing those from your house you will be able to getting rid of rodents.
  4. Use Silicone Caulk: If you notice small holes around your doors, windows, vents, pipes, and in gardens then you should seal those holes by using silicone caulk. Those small holes are common entry of rodents into your house. Rodents cannot cut silicone caulk.
  5. Use Glue Boards: You can trap rodents by using glue boards. Rodents cannot walk over a glue board. Put glue boards on the common entry of rodents in your house.
  6. Use Mouse and Rat Traps: You also can use mouse and rat traps for killing rodents. Rodents are also attacked by those traps which are used for controlling mice.
  7. Compost Bin Management: Compost bins are the source of food of rodents. It attracts rodents to make habitat in your house. You should check your compost bins regularly, for ensuring that they are not providing food to rodents.
  8. Use Trash Bin Cover: Trash bins are also the source of food of rodents. So you have to use cover of your trash bin.
  9. Regular Inspection of Your House: You should regularly inspect your house for signs of rodents. If your see any telltale droppings in your property then you should take sufficient action of removing rodents.

All those natural techniques are very useful for getting rid of rodents. Hope you  this article will help you getting rid of Rodents Naturally. If you still need to use chemical baits for killing rodents then read other posts of my blog.

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