Natural Ways of Fleas Controlling

Remove Fleas Naturally

Flea is one of the most dangerous pest for our pets. Our dogs and cats randomly attacked by fleas and sometimes they become so dangerous that they can take life of our pets. Fleas enter into our house mainly through friends of your pets. They bring friends from the street, who carry fleas. Today, I gonna describe some techniques of Natural Ways of Fleas Controlling.

Use Rosemary 

You can make herbal bait by yourself. Collect two cups of rosemary leafs and add 1/8 gallon of water. Then boil those leafs for 30 minutes. Then separate the leafs from water and mix the juice with one gallon of warm water. Then saturate your pet with that mixture and then air dry your pet. Hope your pet will get rid of fleas.

Use Lemon Juice

At first slice a hole lemon into thin pieces and add some water. Then boil the mixture for a while. And then keep the mixture overnight. In the morning collect the juice from the mixture and put it in a spray bottle. Then spray the liquid on the affected pets. Your pet will get rid of fleas and stay flea free. You have to do this at least once in every month.

Use Diatomaceous Earth 

This is an organic powder, widely used for removing fleas from the body of pets. Its cost is very low. It is used for killing house insects. It punctures the shell of fleas and kills them very cruelly.

Use Salt for Removing Fleas

We all know salt is a great desiccant. It saps moisture from things and make dry. When you will sprinkle salt on the flea affected area, it will come to the contact with flea's body. Then the salt crystal will chafe and scraping the fleas and kill them immediately. This is one of the best natural techniques of getting rid of flea. 

Use Yeast for Removing Fleas

It is not hundred percent proven natural technique. But, people believe and use this technique for removing flea. Fleas dislike the taste of yeast and stay away. So, you can rub yeast to your pet’s body. It will help getting rid of flea naturally.

Hope you will get rid of flea by using those natural techniques. Those techniques are widely used and also very effective. If you want to discuss on this topic then just leave a comment. We will discuss more.

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