Use Poison Baits for Getting Rid of Rats

Rat poison bait

Rats destroy a lots of food grains every year. The list of items which are greatly attacked by rat is very long. They destroy crops, grains, vegetables, clothes, papers, foods and many more. They are also responsible for spreading various diseases. Sometimes they create great problem for us. In this post I gonna describe how to use poison baits for getting rid of rats.

Rat Poison Bait

We can classify rat poison bait into two types. One is single feed poison bait and another is multi feed poison bait. Both are effective for getting rid of rats. Multi feed rat poison bait is better than single feed poison bait.

Single Feed Rat Poison Bait: Single feed rat poison bait is faster than multi feed rat poison bait. But, it is not always effective. Sometimes rats become very clever and they do not eat altogether. Single rat eats a small nibble and taste the food first. If it became sick then the remaining members of the colony do not eat anymore.

Multi Feed Rat Poison Bait: This technique is quite slower than single feed poison bait. But, it's better than single feed rat poison bait. This poison does not attack rat’s immediately after eating. That's why rats can not identify poisonous food.  So they eat and also carry to the colony and eat altogether. By this way multi feed rat poison bait is very effective for killing all the members of the colony.

Where To Use Rat Poison Bait: You should use rat poison baits outside of your house. If you use poison bait inside your house then they may die inside your house and produce bad odor. Sometimes their dead body spread diseases. Beside this your pet, like cat or dogs may eat that dead rat and become sick. So, it is strongly recommended to use rat poison bait outside of the house.

Do Rat Poison Baits are Harmful for Pets? This is really a very important question. Every person thinks like that before using rat poison baits. Most of the rat poison bait manufacturers are conscious about this issue. They try to produce such poison baits which are only effective on rat’s body. You should have to read user manual before using any poison baits.

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