Get Rid of Bed Bug - Know How to Do It As DIY

Bed bugs takes our blood as food. They live in our bed, with us and take food from our body. They have been living with us for the last thousands of years. Although they are not responsible for spreading any dangerous diseases, most people hate them for their bad smell. Some people may have allergic effect by its saliva. It is very hard to get rid of them. But proper steps can remove them from our bed. You can get rid of bed bug by using bed bug spray.

Identify Bedbug Properly Before Using Aerosol

Bed bugs are very small in size, about one-quarter inch long. Their color is reddish-brown. They have no wings, round abdomen, and flat back. They hide themselves from day light, and become active at night. They hide themselves into bed frames, Box springs, headboards, mattress seams, cracks and cavities of floor and walls and some places like those. They have no wings and as a result they can’t fly. But crawl very fast.

How They Enters Into Our House?

It is necessary to know, how they enters into our house for getting rid of them. They generally enters into our house through our cloths and/or luggage. They hide themselves into our shirts, pants, handbags, rugs, luggage, etc. They can also enter our house by crawling.

How To Prevent Them From Entering Into Our House?

We need to be very careful for preventing them from entering to our house. We should check the furniture and bed cloths of hotel carefully while traveling. Because hotels are the most bug infested places. We should keep our luggage at the center of the room, especially away from the bed, walls and furniture. We also should boil our clothes if there have bed bug infestation.

How To Control Bedbugs?

Getting rid of bedbug is really very difficult, but not impossible. It requires IPM (Integrated Pest Management) attitude. Before using any bed bug spray, just follow these techniques.
  • Keep clean your bedroom properly, and try to stay clean always.
  • Keep your bed away from furniture and also from walls. Keep clean your windows, floors, furniture, etc. using a vacuum cleaner and after cleaning dispose all the dust form the vacuum cleaner properly.
  • Wash your rug cover, pillow cover, bed sheet, etc. properly and if necessary use hot water and keep under hot water at least 30 minutes. This will kill all adult bedbugs and also destroy the eggs.
  • Seal all the cracks and vents of the wall and also the narrow spaces around the water and gas connection lines on the wall.

Be Careful While Using Chemical Pesticides, And Bedbug Spray

Using any toxic pesticide may be very dangerous for us. Because bedbugs live with us into our bed. Before, using any pesticide we should check whether they are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We should not use bed bug spray directly on our body. We also should not use any pesticide which is specified for outdoor use only.

Before hiring any exterminator you should check their government registration papers and also license from the national pest control society. Choose any experienced company for bedbug control service.

Get Rid of Cockroach By Using Boric Acid

Almost every people hate this dirty insect very much, and never want to live with them. But, we don't have any way of getting rid of them forever. We can control them only. Today I gonna show you how to control cockroach using Boric Acid?

Boric acid is widely used chemical which is used for pest controlling. Boric acid is one of the most effective pesticide which is used for controlling cockroach. But, we need to know the right technique of using boric acid. 

The Technique of Using Boric Acid

Boric acid is a great tool, which is used for controlling cockroach. We need a very small amount of Boric Acid for controlling cockroach. Not only cockroach but also almost every insects can be treated using Boric Acid. Boric acid is not very toxic, but really deadly for insects.

Boric acid is white in color and in powdered form. It is produced by using boron and water. You can buy boric acid from any grocery shop or hardware shop. You need not to mix it with other for using. It means you can use it, as it is in the pack.

Cockroach dies when they walk over the powder. While they walk over the boric acid, the particles of boric acid adheres to their body, legs and antennas. As a result they die immediately after walking over it.

You can use any pet bottle for setting the bait. Cockroaches are greatly attracted by pet bottles. For getting the maximum benefit you should use it as powdered form. The layer of boric acid should be very thin.
Cockroaches avoid walking over a thick layer of powder. So, using a thick layer of Boric Acid will be west of time and opportunity. Caked powder cannot be used in a thin layer. Before using the powder you should shake it properly and then make a thin layer through out the affected areas. 

You should also be very careful about choosing the places for treatment. Without using the right spots you will never get rid of cockroaches. Cockroaches love to live in cracks and cavities, which are moist, warm, and near the food and water sources. Cockroaches like to live in the bathroom and kitchen. Few other potential places are plumbing holes, behind refrigerator, corner inside cabinet, hollow spaces under the bathroom and kitchen, and many other places like those.

You should dump visible residues very carefully, if any.

Food Source Management for Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Get Rid of Cockroach
Getting rid of cockroach is not an easy task. It requires lots of preparation and experience for controlling cockroach. We all know prevention is better than cure. So, as a preventive action, we have to eliminate their food source. Now I gonna describe the technique of cockroach controlling by eliminating food sources.
  • Trash containers attract cockroaches very much. This is a source of food for cockroach. You should keep your house trash container free. Plastic bags which are used for storing trash containers, should be tied properly. 
  • You should regularly clean your indoor garbage container properly. Also try to put garbage into the outdoor garbage box. Then the cockroaches will not be attracted by the indoor garbage container.
  • You should keep the areas clean where the outdoor garbage container are positioned. By keeping those areas clean you can prevent cockroach infestation.
  • Kitchen sinks attract cockroaches very much. You should frequently clean the sink. By keeping clean, and dry we can discourage them from coming into our house.
  • You can also discourage cockroach by cleaning the dishes just after a meal. Used dishes are the nice source of food for cockroach. So you should clean it as early as possible after using.
  • You should keep clean your tools which are used for cooking. Used tools are also the source of food.
  • You should keep clean your pet’s bowl. After feeding them you should clean their bowl properly and make it dry.
  • You should make all of our food storing containers inaccessible by cockroaches. You can do it by keeping them into refrigerator and/or boxes and/or plastic containers and/or something like that. This will discourage cockroaches from coming into our house.
  • You should regularly sweep your rooms, especially dining room. By sweeping you can keep those places free from cockroach infestation. Especially you should keep clean, where you eat.
Various types of cockroaches require varying techniques for proper treatment. But, following those techniques you can easily eliminate the food source of cockroaches and get rid of them.

Good Techniques of Cockroach Controlling

Almost every people hate this dirty insect. Moist and dark places are their favorite place of living. You will see them running around your kitchen, bathroom, toilet, cabinet, and even in your dining room. They are responsible for spreading various diseases like allergy, asthma symptoms, etc. Getting rid of cockroach is not easy at all. Today, I gonna describe the techniques of cockroach controlling.

Follow These Simple Techniques
  1. Identify their species at the very beginning of the operation. It is very important to identify their species. Because, the cockroach controlling technique varies depending upon their species. For an example, for American cockroach we need to control both, temperature and humidity, but on the other hand German cockroaches can be controlled easily by only controlling moisture.
  2. Then you have to identify their habitat, and the way of traveling. You will have to find out, their primary food source.
  3. Food, water, and shelter attract them to make habitat into our house. You should take care of those sources. You also should keep your kitchen and sink clean and dry.
  4. You should monitor the voids of wall, drawer, sink, and the narrow spaces of your house regularly. Cockroaches love to hide into such places. By checking and cleaning we can prevent them from making nests in our house.
  5. Some pesticides only repel cockroaches rather than killing. This is not a good practice. Those cockroaches will enter into your neighbor's house. So, use such pesticides which kill cockroaches.
  6. Prevention is always better than cure. So you should continue preventive actions, after getting rid of cockroaches for keeping them away from your house forever.
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How to Control Silverfish as DIY?

Do you know silverfish? They are very tiny, and nocturnal insect. You may not see them because of their high moving speed. They love to eat paper, starchy and fabric. They will not bite you, but definitely destroy your loving books, papers, and cloths. Today I gonna describe some good and effective techniques of getting rid of silverfish as DIY.

  1. Use Boric Acid for Getting Rid of Silverfish: Like many other pests silverfish also die by boric acid. Boric acid is most used chemical for killing silverfish. Boric acid is available in pesticide shops. Boric acid is not very toxic. So, your pets are safe from it. Beside this, other pests like ants, roaches, etc. will also die.
  2. Use Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth is also very effective for killing silverfish. Diatomaceous earth penetrates through the shells of silverfish and kills. But, be careful before using it. Because this is very toxic and it should be unreachable by children and pets.
  3. Use Pyrethrin for Killing Silverfish: Although it is chemical bait, is less toxic than other baits. It is produced from pyrethrum plant’s seeds. You will find it from any garden shop. Use it for controlling silverfish.
  4. Use Manual Trap (Jar Trap): Collect a glass jar and cover its outer surface with a masking tape. So that, they can crawl over the glass. Then put some crackers into the jar and keep it in the place where they live. Silverfish will crawl into the glass through the masking tape for eating crackers, but can’t leave crawling over smooth surface.
  5. Use Sticky Traps for Killing Silverfish: You will need boric acid, flour and water for making sticky trap. You will have to make a paste using those items and coat index cards and then dry. After drying you will have a sticky trap and then use it on the way of silverfish.
  6. Use Crevice Sprays for Killing Silverfish: Crevice spray is also very effective for killing silverfish. Make a five percent solution of boric acid and spray on any food of silverfish, and use it as bait. You can also spray the solution on the way of silverfish.

You will have to eliminate food sources. Silverfish very much attracted by foods. Seal all the cracks and crevices of your house. Silverfish like to lay eggs and hide in crevices.

After using those techniques if still you have the problem then call an Exterminator. Because they have good collection of pesticides and specialized tool.

How to Control Stink Bugs?

Stink Bug

Stink bugs are becoming dangerous in the United States day by day. They do great harm of crops and plants. Brown Marmorated stink bugs are called invasive pest. It is very hard to get rid of them. Although its origin is Asia, but it visible all over the world. It entered into USA in 1990 and now they become a matter great tension.

How To Identify Stink Bugs?

Brown Marmorated stink bugs are 14 mm to 17 mm long, have shield on the back, and color is mottled brown. They have antennas with alternating broad bands of light and dark color. Their abdomen also has dark and light bands.

Destructive Capacity of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are very destructive. They attack both fruits and vegetables. They like apple, corn, pears, grapes, lima beans, peepers, tomatoes, apricots, etc. They make fruit and vegetables unmarketable. They do a great harm of farmers by destroying their products. 

Getting rid of stink bug is very difficult, because we don't have sufficient number of effective pesticides for controlling this newly introduced pest. 

How to Prevent Them From Entering Into Our House?

Stink bugs are very disgusting. They have very bad smell. Like most people, I also hate them very much.  You can resist them form entering into your house by caulking windows, installing door sweeps, raking away all debris, securing crawlspace entries, etc. You also should cover the top of fireplace chimney with a fine mesh screen. 

When all of your efforts will fail, then you will have to call an exterminator. They can handle severe infestations of stink bugs. They have good collection of pesticides and also specified tools.

How To Identify Rodent Infestation Naturally

Rodent Dropping
Like me, almost every people of this world do not like to live with rodents. They are not only dirty, but also responsible for spreading various diseases. Getting rid of rodent is not an easy task, but not impossible. If we can identify them early then we can control them easily and cost effectively. Today, I gonna show you how to identify rodent's presence in our property.

  • Rodent's Dropping:  You can easily identify rodent’s infestation by rodent’s droppings. Look for their droppings around potential places where rodent may stay. Their droppings are tapered and about ten to fourteen millimeter long and black in color. 
  • Nasty Smell: Rodents leave a very nasty smell where they live. You will find nasty smell, like ammonia. The most potential places are cupboards, beneath floorboards and also lofts. That type of odor is a strong sign of rodent infestation. 
  • Scratching Noise: Rodents produce scratching noise at night.  If you listen sound like something scratching, you should aware of it. Rodents make sound by scratching woods or something like that. This is a strong sign of rodent infestation. 
  • Rodent’s Teeth Marks on Food: Inspect food cupboards and fruits available in your house regularly. You can identify rodent infestation by seeing their teeth marks on those things. 
  • Gnawing Signs: Rodents leave gnawing signs on woods, plastics, cloths and something like that. This is also a strong sign of identifying rodent infestation in house. 
  • Holes: Small holes under deck, eaves and places like those are sign of rodent infestation. Rodents require very tiny holes for squeezing their body. 
  • Nests: Look for rodents nests. You may find their nests in dark and warm places. You will find newspapers, fibers, clothes and food grains around their nests. 

Hope you will be able to identify rodent’s infestation early and take sufficient actions for getting rid of them. Natural techniques of rodent control are cost effective and Eco friendly. You may also use chemical baits for controlling rodents in your house.

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