Get Rid of Bed Bug - Know How to Do It As DIY

Bed bugs takes our blood as food. They live in our bed, with us and take food from our body. They have been living with us for the last thousands of years. Although they are not responsible for spreading any dangerous diseases, most people hate them for their bad smell. Some people may have allergic effect by its saliva. It is very hard to get rid of them. But proper steps can remove them from our bed. You can get rid of bed bug by using bed bug spray.

Identify Bedbug Properly Before Using Aerosol

Bed bugs are very small in size, about one-quarter inch long. Their color is reddish-brown. They have no wings, round abdomen, and flat back. They hide themselves from day light, and become active at night. They hide themselves into bed frames, Box springs, headboards, mattress seams, cracks and cavities of floor and walls and some places like those. They have no wings and as a result they can’t fly. But crawl very fast.

How They Enters Into Our House?

It is necessary to know, how they enters into our house for getting rid of them. They generally enters into our house through our cloths and/or luggage. They hide themselves into our shirts, pants, handbags, rugs, luggage, etc. They can also enter our house by crawling.

How To Prevent Them From Entering Into Our House?

We need to be very careful for preventing them from entering to our house. We should check the furniture and bed cloths of hotel carefully while traveling. Because hotels are the most bug infested places. We should keep our luggage at the center of the room, especially away from the bed, walls and furniture. We also should boil our clothes if there have bed bug infestation.

How To Control Bedbugs?

Getting rid of bedbug is really very difficult, but not impossible. It requires IPM (Integrated Pest Management) attitude. Before using any bed bug spray, just follow these techniques.
  • Keep clean your bedroom properly, and try to stay clean always.
  • Keep your bed away from furniture and also from walls. Keep clean your windows, floors, furniture, etc. using a vacuum cleaner and after cleaning dispose all the dust form the vacuum cleaner properly.
  • Wash your rug cover, pillow cover, bed sheet, etc. properly and if necessary use hot water and keep under hot water at least 30 minutes. This will kill all adult bedbugs and also destroy the eggs.
  • Seal all the cracks and vents of the wall and also the narrow spaces around the water and gas connection lines on the wall.

Be Careful While Using Chemical Pesticides, And Bedbug Spray

Using any toxic pesticide may be very dangerous for us. Because bedbugs live with us into our bed. Before, using any pesticide we should check whether they are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We should not use bed bug spray directly on our body. We also should not use any pesticide which is specified for outdoor use only.

Before hiring any exterminator you should check their government registration papers and also license from the national pest control society. Choose any experienced company for bedbug control service.

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