How to Control Silverfish as DIY?

Do you know silverfish? They are very tiny, and nocturnal insect. You may not see them because of their high moving speed. They love to eat paper, starchy and fabric. They will not bite you, but definitely destroy your loving books, papers, and cloths. Today I gonna describe some good and effective techniques of getting rid of silverfish as DIY.

  1. Use Boric Acid for Getting Rid of Silverfish: Like many other pests silverfish also die by boric acid. Boric acid is most used chemical for killing silverfish. Boric acid is available in pesticide shops. Boric acid is not very toxic. So, your pets are safe from it. Beside this, other pests like ants, roaches, etc. will also die.
  2. Use Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth is also very effective for killing silverfish. Diatomaceous earth penetrates through the shells of silverfish and kills. But, be careful before using it. Because this is very toxic and it should be unreachable by children and pets.
  3. Use Pyrethrin for Killing Silverfish: Although it is chemical bait, is less toxic than other baits. It is produced from pyrethrum plant’s seeds. You will find it from any garden shop. Use it for controlling silverfish.
  4. Use Manual Trap (Jar Trap): Collect a glass jar and cover its outer surface with a masking tape. So that, they can crawl over the glass. Then put some crackers into the jar and keep it in the place where they live. Silverfish will crawl into the glass through the masking tape for eating crackers, but can’t leave crawling over smooth surface.
  5. Use Sticky Traps for Killing Silverfish: You will need boric acid, flour and water for making sticky trap. You will have to make a paste using those items and coat index cards and then dry. After drying you will have a sticky trap and then use it on the way of silverfish.
  6. Use Crevice Sprays for Killing Silverfish: Crevice spray is also very effective for killing silverfish. Make a five percent solution of boric acid and spray on any food of silverfish, and use it as bait. You can also spray the solution on the way of silverfish.

You will have to eliminate food sources. Silverfish very much attracted by foods. Seal all the cracks and crevices of your house. Silverfish like to lay eggs and hide in crevices.

After using those techniques if still you have the problem then call an Exterminator. Because they have good collection of pesticides and specialized tool.

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