Useful Techniques of Avoiding Bedbug Infestation


Like almost all the people of this world, I also have very bad experience of living with bedbugs. One of the most common ways of bedbug infestation is our luggage. While traveling bedbugs hide into our luggage. Then we carry them to our house. Most potential places of getting bedbug are hotel rooms. Even the top rated hotels can have bedbug infestation. Our today's discussion is about the techniques of avoiding bedbugs while traveling to hotels.

Some Techniques of Avoiding Bed Bugs
  1. Ask the hotel supervisor about the bedbug history of the room. If the room had bedbug in the recent past then avoid living in that room. That room still may have bugs infestation.
  2. You should carefully inspect the mattress for bedbug signs. If that room had bedbug infestation, then you will see many brownish residue spots. Those spots are bedbug's drooping. If you see any spot like that then leave the room immediately.
  3. Then you should check the headboard with a flash light. Headboard is the most potential place where bedbugs hide. If the room is bedbug infested then you will definitely see some insects there.
  4. Never put your luggage on the floor. If you do so, then they will easily crawl into your luggage and travel with it. You should keep your luggage on a luggage holder made of metal. Metal legged luggage holder prevents bugs to crawl into the clothes.
  5. You should keep your toiletry bags into zipped packs. Otherwise they may hide into those.
  6. You should cover your luggage with a repellent material. This will prevent bed bugs from entering into the luggage. By using this technique you can avoid bed bug while traveling.
  7. The last step, you will have to inspect all of your luggage and clothes carefully before entering into your house after returning from any travel. If you see any bedbug and/or any sign of them, then you should boil all the material. This will kill all live bed bugs and also destroy their eggs.
I strongly believe that by following these techniques mentioned above you will be to avoid bedbugs while traveling. Be careful and stay bedbug free forever. Prevention is better than cure. So, do not do any negotiation with this disgusting and nasty insect.

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