Natural Techniques of Getting Rid of Fire Ants

Fire Ant
Almost every people of this world has experience of fire ant bite. This tinny gladiator of this present world reminds us the real life gladiators. It is very hard to get rid of it. But, it is not impossible to remove them from our property. Effective technique and pesticide can make the job easier. Now, I am describing the technique of getting rid of them.

Natural techniques are Eco friendly and safe for our kids and pets. Some good and widely used natural techniques are described below.

Vinegar & Lemon Juice: This is really a very old and effective practice of removing them from our house. A solution of vinegar and lemon juice is very effective for getting rid of fire ants naturally. Just make a cup of solution mixing vinegar and lemon juice and pour into the nest and wait about thirty minutes. You will see all the members of the hive are dying in front of your eyes.

Boiling Water & Salt: This is also a very effective natural product, which is used of getting rid of fire ants. For using this technique you have to mix salt with water and then boil the mixture. After boiling about 20 minutes you have to pour this boiled solution into the nest of ants. This solution will kill all the members of the nest within a very short time.

Sticky Trap: Sticky trap is another effective and nontoxic product, which is used for getting rid of fire ants. If the plants of your loving garden are infested by ant, then this sticky trap can be used with great effectiveness.

Create Barrier Around The Infested Areas: This is a very old practice of getting rid of ants. At first seal all the tiny holes, and voids from which they enters into the infested area. Then create a barrier around the area by using diatomaceous earth powder or boric acid. You can also make barrier by creating a tunnel, filled with water.

Eliminate All Sources of Food: It is very important to eliminate all the sources of food, for getting rid of them naturally. What they eat? Their main food is Carbohydrates, i.e. Fruits, sugars, and syrups. They also like to eat proteins, like insects and meat. Lipids are also their favorite food. Lipids mean grease, lard, and oils from seeds.

Mixing Different Colonies Together: I am not 100% sure about this technique, because I have never used  it for controlling ant infestations. I am describing this natural technique here because many people talk about this method. Ants from different colony fight with each other. They continue fighting until death. So, if you can mix ants from two or more colony of different queen then the worker will start fighting and die many of them. If anyone has successes using this technique then share your experience in the comment area.

All this natural techniques are widely used for getting rid of them. But, always natural techniques are not effective for controlling fire ants, specially when the infestation is very big. If so, then you should call an exterminator for handling the problem. Because, they have good collection of pesticides, specialized tools, and also know the best technique.

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