Use Amorphous Silica Gel for Killing Termites

Amorphous Silica Gel for Controlling Termites
Termites destroy millions of dollars of wood every year. It is very difficult to get rid of termites. A lot of preparation, experience, and hard work is required for controlling termite infestation. Today, I gonna describe such a technique which is very effective for termite treatment. Amorphous silica gel can be used for killing them by dehydration.

Termite’s body is very delicate. Their body is made with exoskeleton. It is very possible to dehydrate their body by using amorphous silica gel. Although it is called gel, it is actually a powder. When this powder come into the contact of the body of the termites, they die by dehydration.

Invention of Dry-Out

Scientists were trying to develop a very suitable and stable form of amorphous silica gel for controlling termite infestation. After a lot of experiment they found 100% safe, nontoxic form of amorphous silica gel, which is called Dry-Out. This gel is capable of eliminating 100% termites form any infested area. The more interesting truth is that a single layer of amorphous silica gel coating can make any wood 100% termite infestation proof.


A pneumatic machine is used to spray the Dry-Out gel on the surface of the wood. The gel is a very fine powder. When the powder is sprayed on the infested woods surface, the powder particles penetrate into the termite’s tunnels through cracks, cavities, etc. As it is carried through air, it can reach to the most remote corner of the termite nests. When the Dry-Out particle come into the contact with termite’s body, it starts dehydrating their body, and as a result they die.

Is Dry-Out Toxic?

Dry-Out is hundred percent safe for indoor use. It is not toxic at all. This is the same type of gel which is used in deodorants, toothpaste, and various types of human food. So, anyone can use it anytime, anywhere. This product has no bad effect on kids and pets. 


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    1. Thanks @Bhavik Vyas for your comment. You may also read this article How to get rid of termites?. This article contains information about controlling termites.

  2. Termite treatment is a job for expert. Dedication, hard work, and proper knowledge is must for getting rid of termites. Thanks@Arif for this useful article.

  3. That's BS ... you don't need to be an expert to put some dry out on wood and in walls!
    Anybody can do this's childs play!
    Nice try trying to promote your business ... and hard work? Really? Ridiculous!

    1. Fine, if everyone can do this, then every one will have termite free house.

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