Bad Diseases Infected By Cockroach

Cockroach is the dirtiest and worst pest in this world, at least I think. I hate this ugly insect most. I cannot think of living with this insect. 

Cockroach like warm places for living. They love to live near the food and water sources. Our house is ideal place for their living and breeding.

According to the report of The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, urban houses are the most potential habitat of cockroaches. About 78% to 98% urban houses are cockroach infested. And their number is terrible i.e. 900 to 330,000 per house.

Diseases Infected By Roaches

Microbes:  This is one kind of allergens, infected by cockroaches. It is very dangerous and painful for us. They are also responsible for spreading ASTHMA. Their saliva, body parts, and face are responsible for spreading the triggering of asthma. Now a days, asthma is a very common disease all over the world.

Bacteria: Cockroach carries 33 different types of bacteria with their body. Human pathogens are also infected by roaches. They are responsible for spreading about six types of parasitic worms and seven types of pathogens. Among those, E. coli and Salmonella is very dangerous for human body. Cockroach is also responsible for gastroenteritis and/or food poisoning. Some common symptom of roach contamination are abdominal pain, tenderness, severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc. Sometimes those diseases become deadly.


Prevention is better than cure. We can get rid of it by preventing them from growing in number. Here are some techniques of prevention ……………
  1. We should keep clean our house properly. There should not have any crumbs or any other food particles on the floor. There should not have any open food and water sources.
  2. All holes, cavities, and cracks should be sealed properly. Because, all those spots are safe habitat of cockroaches.
  3. We should Keep our kitchen sink, bath room and cupboards clean and dry. All those places provide food and water to the roaches. So, by keeping clean and dry we can discourage them from coming into our house.
  4. Regularly we should inspect those places which are potential for cockroach’s infestation. If you notice any sign of infestation, then you should use pesticide, i.e. Boric acid, Dupont Advion RoachBait Gel, Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait, etc.

Hope you will get rid of roaches by following those simple techniques. If still you have roach infestation in your house, after following these techniques, than hire an exterminator. Because, living with cockroach is very dangerous and also unhygienic.


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