Webbing Clothes Moth - Get Rid of Them

Webbing Clothe Moth

Webbing clothe moth, really dangerous for clothes. They start destruction at the larva stage of their life cycle. The list of products they destroy is really very long. Naturally they destroy rugs, wool clothing, furs, carpets, upholstered furniture, animal bristles in brushes, stored wool, fish meal, and many more.

Almost every type of cotton is their food. Larva also use cotton for making cases for their pupa. Their like shirts cuffs and collars for hiding. If you don't take care of them then this problem may become complex. 

How to prevent webbing clothes moth?

There have so many techniques of preventing webbing clothes moth. Anyone can use any technique form that list. Today, I gonna describe below about how to control webbing clothe moth. 

The List of Moth Controlling Techniques

  • Periodic dry cleaning
  • Periodic laundering
  • Proper storage
  • Freezing
  • Heating
  • Fumigating with dry ice
  • Trapping
  • Using an insecticide

Cloths moth love moist environment for breeding. So, we should try to keep the humidity level very low inside the cloths storage. We also should make our cloth storage tiny cracks and cavity free. Another important factor is good housekeeping practice.

Preventive Measures

“Prevention is better than cure”. We can save our valuable time, and reduce work load by taking some preventive actions. One of the most important step is to be clean and stay clean. Periodic cleaning is very important for preventing the moth infestation.

Vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning those places. We will have to dispose all the vacuum cleaner bag contents properly. Because, those dust may contain the eggs, larva, pupa, and the adult moth.

Webbing cloths moths mainly attracted by old woolen garments and/or scrap clothes. If we store such cloths then we will have to check those carefully. We should remove those clothes from our house, which are not necessary. This will reduce the risk of moth infestation.

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