How to Identify Webbing Clothes Moth

Webbing Clothes Moth
Webbing cloth moth is an annoying insect. Getting rid of webbing cloth moth is quite difficult. Early identification of infestation can make the job quite easier. For identifying, you will have to know them properly. 


What is the most common type of fabric moth? The answer is webbing clothes moth. How they look like? They are golden in color with reddish golden glow on their head. They have two pair of wings and the length of larger pair of wings are about half inch. You will find them in the dark areas of of the room.

Difference Between Clothe moths and Other species

Many of us do a common mistake by thinking the common food and grain infesting moths as clothes moth. But, they are completely different species of moth. And the moth treatment technique varies depending upon their species.

The most common difference in their physical structure is in their length. The clothes moths are about ¼” long where the food and grain moths are about ½” long. Another sign is clothe moths are quite easy to catch rather than food and grain moths. One of the major difference is a little tufts of hair on clothes moth but, the other species do not have that. Other major difference is that they cannot fly like food and grain moth. Grain moth fly in a direct and steady manner, where the cloth moths fly by fluttering.

Other species of moth which is very similar to webbing clothes moth is Casemaking clothes moths. Their size and appearance is very similar to the webbing clothes moth. The wings of webbing clothes moths are lighter brown than casemaking clothes moths. Casemaking clothes moth has dark colored spots on their wings. Also the hair of the casemaking clothes moths are lighter than the webbing clothes moths. Although the larva of both species are very identical, the larva of casemaking moth carries a silken tube case as their food.

All those signs described above will help you while identifying the webbing cloths moths. Many people use pesticides for getting rid of moths without identifying their species. But you have to remember that, the technique of moth treatment varies depending upon their species.


  1. This is genuinely one of the best posts that I've read about moths because a lot of people don't know and understand the difference between moths and that there are different ways to treat each of them!

    1. Thanks for comment. It is really inspiring. :)


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