How to Trap Webbing Clothe Moth?

Webbing clothe moth is very bad for cloth. It damages our loving and precious clothes. Proper preventive measures, and effective treatment can protect our clothes. Trapping is one of the most effective for preventing webbing clothe moth. Today I gonna show you how to trap webbing cloth moth.


Pheromone trap is one of the most effective technique of trapping webbing cloth moth. But, it is not used for controlling casemaking clothes moth. This is a chemical bait. Female webbing clothe moth attract the male moth while sex through spreading one kind of smell. In pheromone trap one kind of chemical is used which produce scent like the scent produced by the female moth. And in the trap there have a sticky surface. When the moth come into the contact with the sticky surface they get stuck.

But, this pheromone trap is only used for killing webbing cloth moth. Other species of moths cannot be controlled by pheromone trap. Grain moth infestation cannot be controlled by using pheromone traps.

Pro-Pest Clothes Moth Trap is another type of widely used trap for controlling webbing cloth moth. It is nontoxic. Each pack contains two pieces of pheromone taps. It is specially designed for controlling male webbing moths. This product has a working life of twelve weeks.

Nuvan ProStrips is another type of very effective stripy trap. This trap is widely used and very user friendly. It can be used for controlling many other pests like bed bugs, ants, files, spiders and many more. This product is very effective for controlling infestation in closed spaces like garages, sheds, crawlspaces, and attics. You can use it inside house, museums, terrariums, and places like those.

Clothes Moth Trap (Pheromone Kit) is another kind of very effective moth control trap. This type of traps are used for controlling clothes moths only and their larvae. This type of traps contain pheromone, which attract the male moths. The trap dimension is 8.5” x 5.25”. 

Where to Use Clothes Moth Trap?

This is really a very important factor of getting maximum level of benefit from the trap. If we choose wrong places then we will not get optimum benefit. We will have to use those traps in such places where the organic fibers like furs, silk, feathers, and wool are stored.

Hope you got some useful informing by reading this article. If still you have further problem after using those products, then you should contact to the professional exterminators for getting rid of clothes moths. 


  1. Webbing cloth is a very bad insect. They destroy our loving clothes. Proper treatment is required to control this insect's infestation. Thanks Foysal for writing this useful article.

  2. Yes, you are right. Proper treatment is must for controlling those insects. Prevention is better than cure.


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