How To Use Rat Poison Bait

Rat Poison Bait
Rat poison bait is one of the most used product for getting rid of rats. It is very effective for controlling rats. But, important thing is to know the effective, and safe use of rat poison bait. Our kids, and pets may be affected by poison baits. Proper use of rat poison bait will make the bait, more effective. Today I gonna describe, how to use rat poison bait safely, and effectively.

Keep Clean Infested Area: It is very important to clean the  infested area properly before using poison bait. Need to remove all the food, water, and shelter. Then place the bait in such places through which they move. Then very frequently inspect the places for dead rats. You should nor bait in our kitchen, and should be very careful about your pets.

Rat Bait Stations: I highly recommend this product for using poison baits. This type of stations are protected with locks, so our pets and children cannot reach to the poison bait. Rat bait stations are in two shapes. One is “T” shaped and another is "BOX" shaped. Only rates can enter into the bait station.

Use Gloves: You should use hand gloves before touching the poison baits. Do not touch the bait with your naked hands. And wash your hands properly after using poison bait, and touching dead rats.

Use plastic tie or wire for installing the rat bait stations: You should use plastic tie for installing rat bait stations in such places like little tree branches, chain link fencing, etc. And for large installations you should use wire. You will have to find such places which are not readable by kids and pets.

Check Bait Stations Regularly: You should check all rat poison bait stations regularly. If you find any dead rat then, must dump it under soil, so that pets like cats, dogs, etc. can not eat that. Otherwise they will die by eating poisoned rats.

Remove All The Baits: At the end when you will find your property rat free, remove all the stations, and dispose under soil. Make sure that all the poisoned baits are unreachable to pets and kids.

Appropriate use of baits ensures rat free house. Effectiveness and efficiency of any operation mostly depend on proper and accurate use of methods. Hope you can understand how to use rat poison bait. 


  1. pretty good read about how effective rat poison can be to protect your home. There can be some dire circumstances that happen if you don't properly take care of such issues

  2. Yeah, you are right. We should be very careful about this pest. :)

  3. Rat poison baits are really very effective for controlling dangerous infestations. Although it require handling dead body of rats, it protect our valuable time, and property from being destroyed.


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