Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel
Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel is very effective for controlling carpenter ant infestation. We all know that getting rid of carpenter ant is very difficult. But, Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel is a very easy solution of this big problem. 
This product is widely used for controlling carpenter ants. You can control any species of ants, including Argentine, Acrobat, Pharaoh Field, Carpenter, Pavement, Big-Headed, Cornfield, Honey, Odorous House, and Thief Ants using this product. Carpenter ants attracted by moisture. Keeping mind this nature of carpenter ant, Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel is developed as highly moisturized product. So, carpenter ants are highly attracted with this bait. Another important character stick is Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel works quite slowly. For this reason the worker ants do not die just after touching it. This gel is very effective for killing all the ants of the nest. We should use this product in voids, cracks, and cavities of the wooden material.

What People Say About This Product?

M. Sojka Said:

The maxforce jell is a rather insidiously designed chemical. The ants eat it and then their poop becomes toxic and kills the nest from the inside out. You just have to put up with watching the ants eat it for 3 - 4 days.
I have used the two types of jell - one for grease ants (the kind that smell like turpentine when you crush them) and the other one for carpenter ants. This jell has saved me hundreds of dollars paying an outside service AND this jell is not toxic and therefore there is not poison being sprayed in and outside the house.
When I moved into my current house there were established ant colonies of carpenter and grease ants. They were all over the place and no amount of poison and vacuuming got rid of them for more than a couple months. Then they were back. I have now gone 4 years without any ants. Recently the grease ants made an entrance in a new part of the house during winter. After four days of watching then eat this stuff they are all gone.

Louis C Ambrosio Said:

I had a significant carpenter ant problem in my garage. I was reticent about buying a product online that would prove to be ineffective. I figured I'd have to hire a licensed exterminator at significant cost. After doing additional research on extermination, and this product, I decided to give it a try. Well, I have to say, it worked incredibly well. As I applied the gel along the ants path, I could see them actually being attracted to the poison and ingesting it. Over the next 48 hours I saw them literally dropping like flies, those that weren't dead were wobbly and were on their way out. Then next day I saw the Queen ant (much larger with wings) ejected from the nest on my garage floor. It's been several months and I haven't seen an errant carpenter ant in my garage since. The only thing that bothers me is that for some reason I feel bad about killing all the ants. It sounds silly, but it haunts me. I guess I just have to "man up" and get over it.

For more details you can search in Google. There have a lot of real user reviews through out the internet. Also YouTube is a good source of reviews about Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel.

Effective Technique of Using Mouse Trap

Mouse is the most common problem in every city now a days. You can see them every corner of the world. They are ugly and annoying. I hate the odor of mouse. I can't think of living with mouse under the same roof. So, no compromise with this dirty creature.

It is very hard to get rid of mouse from our property. Proper technique, good tools, and dedication is very essential for removing mouse from our house. Today I gonna discuss about effective techniques of using mouse trap.

At first you have to keep it in your mind that mouse trap will not kill all the mouse of your house. But, it is capable of reducing the number significantly. The most common and widely used technique is snap trap. This type of trap is very common, and it's price is very little like $1 per piece. A single snap trap is not enough for controlling mouse infestation. You will need about 5 to 10 traps at a time for setting in different places. And you also will have to use it regularly. In this type of traps a metal bar is loaded with a spring and the trigger is attached with a metal plate such that when the mouse board on the plate it release the spring and the metal bar hit the mouse and it die.

One of the most important factor is that, you have to select such type of food which attract mouse strongly. Every food do not attract them very equally. Pieces of cheese or peanut butter is very effective for attracting those devils toward the trap. Those products are not costly, so you can use it regularly.

Choose the adjustable traps from the market. You will see some mouse traps, which can be adjusted in length. Those types of traps are suitable for exterminating varying sizes of rats. You can adjust the length and size of the trap as your need.

Selection of trapping position is also very important. You should set the trap on the way of mouse traveling. Also mouse like dark places, so dark places are potential for finding them. You should also set traps where you see them or their droppings. They come to our house for food and shelter. So, you should set traps in the store room, bed room, and even in kitchen.

Precaution: If you have kids and/or pets in your house then you should be very careful setting up mouse traps. Choose such places where they do not access naturally. Mouse trap will not kill your baby or pets, but may injure them.

Handling dead mouse: This is the bad side of using mouse trap. Use hand gloves for handling it. Do not through it to the open air or into your house trash. It will start emit very bad odor very soon. Keep it into plastic bag and tie it properly and then keep it into the outside stash.

How To Do Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting Principle
Almost every people of this world have observed the destructive activities of this tinny devils. Getting rid of termite is really very tough. Proper knowledge and dedication is required for controlling termite infestation. Baiting is very effective for killing all the members of the hive. Today we gonna see how to do termite baiting.

It is very important to know the proper technique of baiting. Baiting is the most successful technique of removing all the termites of the colony.

The Principle of Baiting 

This is a slow acting process. It takes long time but removes all the members of the colony. Multi feed is necessary for killing all the termites. It may take weeks for completely killing all the termites of that area. Every member does not stay in the colony all the time. Most of the members are worker and soldier. They stay outside to the nest for collecting foods, making nests, and protecting the colony.  Keeping this fact in mind, the manufacturer designed this product.

We should not dig or any other disruption to the termite's movement. Because, they will only be attracted, if the way of reaching to the bait be safe. This is the most important step of effective termite extermination.

The Way of Setting Bait

We need a sharp-edged knife or a screwdriver. We need to make a very small hole on the tunnel of termite. Then wait for some time and observe carefully. If you see the presence of them, then start work for the next step. If you do not see any termite then leave it for sometimes. If within 12 hours they do not repair that hole then they might leaved that place. Then you should find out another locations and do the same thing.

If you see some activity inside the tunnel, then it is the time to set baits. Start deadly operations for killing those devils completely.

What is Required for Termite Biating

  • A sheet of aluminum cooking foil.
  • Gaffer or duct tape
  • Termite bait tubes
  • Knife, etc.

You have to enlarge the opening of the surface, 10 mm diameter is suitable. Then will have to make a pocket using the sheet of aluminum cooking foil for holding the baits. Then will have to place that bait on the opening and cover that with the foil sheet. Than the punch should be sealed properly, so that moisture, and other insects cannot penetrate into it.

Termites like soft and moist woods. The bait being moist and soft, it is very attractive to the termites. Just comeback and observe the bait once in a week. If they finish, then continue refilling the bait until they stop eating. 

Baiting is the most effective technique of controlling termites. If you can use the technique properly then good result is obvious.

Carpenter Ant Control - DIY

Carpenter Ant Control Baits
Are you infected with carpenter ants? This species of ants are very dangerous. They do not eat wood like termites. They destroy wood for making nest. They like to make nest into moist and rotten woods. Getting rid of carpenter ant is really very difficult.

Although it is very hard to get rid of carpenter ants, there have many effective techniques of controlling them. Today I gonna show some traps which are very effective for controlling carpenter ants. You can get those traps spending very few bucks. They are available in departmental stores and e-shops.

Those traps can be used for controlling many other species of ants. Let’s see some good carpenter ant control traps.

Carpenter Ant Complete Kit with D-Foam and Termidor SC

This is really a very effective product used for controlling carpenter ants. The elements of this product are aerosol spray, a granular bait, gel bait, and concentrated foam. The D-Foam is for using inside the cracks and crevices. This is a complete package used for carpenter ant control controlling. You can control carpenter ants by DIY basis.

Ant Killer Dust

This product is also very effective for controlling carpenter ants. It is not alike the typical traps. Carpenter ant killer dust is used directly to the infested areas. This product is in powdered form. After couple of action you can see the difference. If you can use that product perfectly then getting rid of carpenter ant is not a difficult task at all.

Terro Pre-Fill Liquid Bait

This product is also very effective for controlling carpenter ants. It requires very little effort for using. You just need to lay it on the floor or the infested area. The remaining will do it itself. Many people have experience of using it.

Combat 76686

This product is also very famous for controlling carpenter ants. Many people have really very good experience of using this useful product. This is a very cheap product, $1/Pack. You will find a lots of user review of this product through out the internet.

Hot Shot MaxAttrax

This product is also very effective for controlling carpenter ants. It works like Terro. This is very user friendly. For its effectiveness people like it. It is available in every pesticide shop.

A Simple Solution of a Big Problem: Ant Control !!

Ant Control
People don't like to see thousands of ants are crawling their house. But, it is very common phenomena through out the world. You will have to suffer a lot, if you do not know how to get rid of them. 

Don’t worry it is quite simple, if you know the right way of extermination. Let’s see how to solve the problem.

Get Rid of Ants at Home

The ant termination techniques can be classified into two wide categories. One is natural technique and another is chemical technique. Natural techniques involve prevention. Keep your house clean, remove water and food sources, eliminate dark and moist places, etc. Then using natural products for controlling them, i.e. vinegar, Neem oil, hot water, lemon juice and water solution, etc. And the Second category involves various types of pesticides and chemical baits. Today I will discuss about the second type. 

Ant Killer products

Ant killer products can also be categorized into two types. One category is for indoor use and another is for outdoor use.  You will have to select ant control products depending upon the type of infestation.  After a long period of research we can list the type of ant killer products with confidence. 

Ant control Product Types

Ant Kits and Bait
This type of products are very effective for controlling ant infestation. Worker ants carry those products into the nest and eat altogether. This type of products kill all the member of the nest along with their queen.

Ant Bait Traps
This types of products are for outdoor use. They are used for holding the baits. This is very necessary for fighting with ants effectively.

Ant Duster & Dust
This type of products can be used in both outdoor and indoor. When the ants come in contact with this type of products, they die. This types are also called contact insecticide. It can be used in cracks, crevices, voids, garden, etc.

Ant Aerosols
Aerosols are for easy use. This type of products are used for directly spraying on the trails. You can directly kill the ants using this types of products. But, it is not recommended to use randomly when the infestation is big. By killing some worker ants you should not invite great trouble. Because, the queen may bust the rat of breeding for compensating the loss.

Ant Insecticide
Ant insecticides are used for preventing reproduction. This products do not kill the ants. This types of products are very effective for getting rid of ants. This type of products I like most.

Ant Pesticides (Granular)
This type of products are for outdoor use. Granular products are spread over the infested areas like garden, yards, over the roof, etc.

I think you need not to pay any ant control service provider for controlling ant infestation. You can do it yourself (DIY) by choosing any effective product from the list above.

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