Effective Technique of Using Mouse Trap

Mouse is the most common problem in every city now a days. You can see them every corner of the world. They are ugly and annoying. I hate the odor of mouse. I can't think of living with mouse under the same roof. So, no compromise with this dirty creature.

It is very hard to get rid of mouse from our property. Proper technique, good tools, and dedication is very essential for removing mouse from our house. Today I gonna discuss about effective techniques of using mouse trap.

At first you have to keep it in your mind that mouse trap will not kill all the mouse of your house. But, it is capable of reducing the number significantly. The most common and widely used technique is snap trap. This type of trap is very common, and it's price is very little like $1 per piece. A single snap trap is not enough for controlling mouse infestation. You will need about 5 to 10 traps at a time for setting in different places. And you also will have to use it regularly. In this type of traps a metal bar is loaded with a spring and the trigger is attached with a metal plate such that when the mouse board on the plate it release the spring and the metal bar hit the mouse and it die.

One of the most important factor is that, you have to select such type of food which attract mouse strongly. Every food do not attract them very equally. Pieces of cheese or peanut butter is very effective for attracting those devils toward the trap. Those products are not costly, so you can use it regularly.

Choose the adjustable traps from the market. You will see some mouse traps, which can be adjusted in length. Those types of traps are suitable for exterminating varying sizes of rats. You can adjust the length and size of the trap as your need.

Selection of trapping position is also very important. You should set the trap on the way of mouse traveling. Also mouse like dark places, so dark places are potential for finding them. You should also set traps where you see them or their droppings. They come to our house for food and shelter. So, you should set traps in the store room, bed room, and even in kitchen.

Precaution: If you have kids and/or pets in your house then you should be very careful setting up mouse traps. Choose such places where they do not access naturally. Mouse trap will not kill your baby or pets, but may injure them.

Handling dead mouse: This is the bad side of using mouse trap. Use hand gloves for handling it. Do not through it to the open air or into your house trash. It will start emit very bad odor very soon. Keep it into plastic bag and tie it properly and then keep it into the outside stash.

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