A Simple Solution of a Big Problem: Ant Control !!

Ant Control
People don't like to see thousands of ants are crawling their house. But, it is very common phenomena through out the world. You will have to suffer a lot, if you do not know how to get rid of them. 

Don’t worry it is quite simple, if you know the right way of extermination. Let’s see how to solve the problem.

Get Rid of Ants at Home

The ant termination techniques can be classified into two wide categories. One is natural technique and another is chemical technique. Natural techniques involve prevention. Keep your house clean, remove water and food sources, eliminate dark and moist places, etc. Then using natural products for controlling them, i.e. vinegar, Neem oil, hot water, lemon juice and water solution, etc. And the Second category involves various types of pesticides and chemical baits. Today I will discuss about the second type. 

Ant Killer products

Ant killer products can also be categorized into two types. One category is for indoor use and another is for outdoor use.  You will have to select ant control products depending upon the type of infestation.  After a long period of research we can list the type of ant killer products with confidence. 

Ant control Product Types

Ant Kits and Bait
This type of products are very effective for controlling ant infestation. Worker ants carry those products into the nest and eat altogether. This type of products kill all the member of the nest along with their queen.

Ant Bait Traps
This types of products are for outdoor use. They are used for holding the baits. This is very necessary for fighting with ants effectively.

Ant Duster & Dust
This type of products can be used in both outdoor and indoor. When the ants come in contact with this type of products, they die. This types are also called contact insecticide. It can be used in cracks, crevices, voids, garden, etc.

Ant Aerosols
Aerosols are for easy use. This type of products are used for directly spraying on the trails. You can directly kill the ants using this types of products. But, it is not recommended to use randomly when the infestation is big. By killing some worker ants you should not invite great trouble. Because, the queen may bust the rat of breeding for compensating the loss.

Ant Insecticide
Ant insecticides are used for preventing reproduction. This products do not kill the ants. This types of products are very effective for getting rid of ants. This type of products I like most.

Ant Pesticides (Granular)
This type of products are for outdoor use. Granular products are spread over the infested areas like garden, yards, over the roof, etc.

I think you need not to pay any ant control service provider for controlling ant infestation. You can do it yourself (DIY) by choosing any effective product from the list above.

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