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Carpenter Ant Control Baits
Are you infected with carpenter ants? This species of ants are very dangerous. They do not eat wood like termites. They destroy wood for making nest. They like to make nest into moist and rotten woods. Getting rid of carpenter ant is really very difficult.

Although it is very hard to get rid of carpenter ants, there have many effective techniques of controlling them. Today I gonna show some traps which are very effective for controlling carpenter ants. You can get those traps spending very few bucks. They are available in departmental stores and e-shops.

Those traps can be used for controlling many other species of ants. Let’s see some good carpenter ant control traps.

Carpenter Ant Complete Kit with D-Foam and Termidor SC

This is really a very effective product used for controlling carpenter ants. The elements of this product are aerosol spray, a granular bait, gel bait, and concentrated foam. The D-Foam is for using inside the cracks and crevices. This is a complete package used for carpenter ant control controlling. You can control carpenter ants by DIY basis.

Ant Killer Dust

This product is also very effective for controlling carpenter ants. It is not alike the typical traps. Carpenter ant killer dust is used directly to the infested areas. This product is in powdered form. After couple of action you can see the difference. If you can use that product perfectly then getting rid of carpenter ant is not a difficult task at all.

Terro Pre-Fill Liquid Bait

This product is also very effective for controlling carpenter ants. It requires very little effort for using. You just need to lay it on the floor or the infested area. The remaining will do it itself. Many people have experience of using it.

Combat 76686

This product is also very famous for controlling carpenter ants. Many people have really very good experience of using this useful product. This is a very cheap product, $1/Pack. You will find a lots of user review of this product through out the internet.

Hot Shot MaxAttrax

This product is also very effective for controlling carpenter ants. It works like Terro. This is very user friendly. For its effectiveness people like it. It is available in every pesticide shop.

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  1. I hate these ants so bad. I have some just like these at my house right now. They don't do a ton of damage, but they are doing damage nonetheless and I don't like that. It's cool to read that there are so many options for ant control. What are some things you can do as far as prevention goes?


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