Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel
Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel is very effective for controlling carpenter ant infestation. We all know that getting rid of carpenter ant is very difficult. But, Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel is a very easy solution of this big problem. 
This product is widely used for controlling carpenter ants. You can control any species of ants, including Argentine, Acrobat, Pharaoh Field, Carpenter, Pavement, Big-Headed, Cornfield, Honey, Odorous House, and Thief Ants using this product. Carpenter ants attracted by moisture. Keeping mind this nature of carpenter ant, Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel is developed as highly moisturized product. So, carpenter ants are highly attracted with this bait. Another important character stick is Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel works quite slowly. For this reason the worker ants do not die just after touching it. This gel is very effective for killing all the ants of the nest. We should use this product in voids, cracks, and cavities of the wooden material.

What People Say About This Product?

M. Sojka Said:

The maxforce jell is a rather insidiously designed chemical. The ants eat it and then their poop becomes toxic and kills the nest from the inside out. You just have to put up with watching the ants eat it for 3 - 4 days.
I have used the two types of jell - one for grease ants (the kind that smell like turpentine when you crush them) and the other one for carpenter ants. This jell has saved me hundreds of dollars paying an outside service AND this jell is not toxic and therefore there is not poison being sprayed in and outside the house.
When I moved into my current house there were established ant colonies of carpenter and grease ants. They were all over the place and no amount of poison and vacuuming got rid of them for more than a couple months. Then they were back. I have now gone 4 years without any ants. Recently the grease ants made an entrance in a new part of the house during winter. After four days of watching then eat this stuff they are all gone.

Louis C Ambrosio Said:

I had a significant carpenter ant problem in my garage. I was reticent about buying a product online that would prove to be ineffective. I figured I'd have to hire a licensed exterminator at significant cost. After doing additional research on extermination, and this product, I decided to give it a try. Well, I have to say, it worked incredibly well. As I applied the gel along the ants path, I could see them actually being attracted to the poison and ingesting it. Over the next 48 hours I saw them literally dropping like flies, those that weren't dead were wobbly and were on their way out. Then next day I saw the Queen ant (much larger with wings) ejected from the nest on my garage floor. It's been several months and I haven't seen an errant carpenter ant in my garage since. The only thing that bothers me is that for some reason I feel bad about killing all the ants. It sounds silly, but it haunts me. I guess I just have to "man up" and get over it.

For more details you can search in Google. There have a lot of real user reviews through out the internet. Also YouTube is a good source of reviews about Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel.

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