How To Do Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting Principle
Almost every people of this world have observed the destructive activities of this tinny devils. Getting rid of termite is really very tough. Proper knowledge and dedication is required for controlling termite infestation. Baiting is very effective for killing all the members of the hive. Today we gonna see how to do termite baiting.

It is very important to know the proper technique of baiting. Baiting is the most successful technique of removing all the termites of the colony.

The Principle of Baiting 

This is a slow acting process. It takes long time but removes all the members of the colony. Multi feed is necessary for killing all the termites. It may take weeks for completely killing all the termites of that area. Every member does not stay in the colony all the time. Most of the members are worker and soldier. They stay outside to the nest for collecting foods, making nests, and protecting the colony.  Keeping this fact in mind, the manufacturer designed this product.

We should not dig or any other disruption to the termite's movement. Because, they will only be attracted, if the way of reaching to the bait be safe. This is the most important step of effective termite extermination.

The Way of Setting Bait

We need a sharp-edged knife or a screwdriver. We need to make a very small hole on the tunnel of termite. Then wait for some time and observe carefully. If you see the presence of them, then start work for the next step. If you do not see any termite then leave it for sometimes. If within 12 hours they do not repair that hole then they might leaved that place. Then you should find out another locations and do the same thing.

If you see some activity inside the tunnel, then it is the time to set baits. Start deadly operations for killing those devils completely.

What is Required for Termite Biating

  • A sheet of aluminum cooking foil.
  • Gaffer or duct tape
  • Termite bait tubes
  • Knife, etc.

You have to enlarge the opening of the surface, 10 mm diameter is suitable. Then will have to make a pocket using the sheet of aluminum cooking foil for holding the baits. Then will have to place that bait on the opening and cover that with the foil sheet. Than the punch should be sealed properly, so that moisture, and other insects cannot penetrate into it.

Termites like soft and moist woods. The bait being moist and soft, it is very attractive to the termites. Just comeback and observe the bait once in a week. If they finish, then continue refilling the bait until they stop eating. 

Baiting is the most effective technique of controlling termites. If you can use the technique properly then good result is obvious.

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