How to Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders Naturally?

Black Widow Spider
One of the most dangerous and annoying insect is black widow spider. Thy can injure people at any time. Their venom is really painful. Proper management is very necessary for getting rid of black widow spider. This article is about black widow spider management. Let's see how to get rid of black widow spiders naturally.

Black widow spider management

There have many techniques of spider management. Among them few important techniques are as follows.

Reducing Clutter

One of the easiest and widely practiced way of managing black widow spiders is reducing clutter around your house. Black widow spiders like clutter spaces for making habitat. Regular inspection and removing their nets will remove black widow spiders from your yard.


Prevention is better than cure. Regular inspection and proper cleaning will also help you getting rid of black widow spiders. You should clean manually by sweeping and/or vacuuming. Which places we should clean regularly? As answer I can say, storage areas, windows, basements corner of the room, and such places which are used occasionally. Definitely we should kill the adult black widow spiders and destroy their webs properly while cleaning the house.

Clothes and goods storing

Sometimes we need to store our tools and goods in our garage or any place like that. We should be very careful while storing goods in such a place. Because, those stores can be good habitat for black widow spiders. You should use bags with zipper locks for storing those types of tools and clothes or twist tie the bags opening properly so that spiders cannot enter. Also for storing clothes and other materials which are used yearly like Christmas decoration you should use box and seal the cracks and cavities of the box with tape so that spiders cannot enter that box.

Treat children's toys

Many toy like kid's car, cycle, toy vehicle and something like those have small holes, cavities and openings. Spiders crawl into those holes and may bite you or your kids from those holes. So, you should find such spots and seal properly.

Seal all cracks of the wall

Spiders enter into our house through small holes and cavities of the wall. If we can properly seal those spots then we can prevent them from entering to our room. But, we should keep our ventilation system open, because it is necessary for our existence J. You can use window screen mesh for keeping them outside. Although that screen will only be able to keep the adult black widow spiders. Small baby spiders can easily crawl through that screen.

Check Properly

Sometimes we carry black widow spiders with indoor plants, flowers, old tool boxes, bags and many thing like those. So, we should properly check those things before entering into our house. It will help preventing unwanted spider infestation.

Elimination sources of attraction

By eliminating places which attract spiders and help to hide, we can prevent spiders to enter to our property. Some places which are favorite to spiders are as follows the foundation free to trash, accumulation of materials, leaf litter, etc. Also various sources which attract house insects. Because, house insects attract spiders.

All those steps will help you getting rid of black widow spiders naturally. We know all situations are not identical. Problems changes their characteristics depending upon the atmosphere. So, we should try to understand the situation and take steps using our intelligence. Thanks for your time.


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