How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees?

Bumble Bee
Despite of bumble bees merits, sometimes we need to control them. They may create annoying situations for us. Proper technique, expertise, and dedication can make the job quite easier. Let’s see how to get rid of bumble bees.

Locate The Nest

It is the first step of extermination. You will have to locate the nest at daylight. Bumble bees like to create nest inside holes, cavities, inside logs, unused rodent holes, etc. They do not create holes like carpenter ants. At day light, you have to identify the nest by following flying bumble bees.

Extermination At Night

Night is the best time for extermination. Naturally bumble bees stay inside the nest at night. They do not see at dark. So dark is the safest atmosphere to destroy the nest easily.

Pull Over Jacket and Gloves

Safety first. Beekeeper Pull Over Jacket and Veil With Gloves will protect you from any potential attack. They are very dangerous, so you should take precaution properly. Any attack may cause serious injury.

Choose a good pesticide

CB D-Foam is a good product used for controlling bumble bee. This is a ready to use residual insecticide, which contain Deltamethrin. CB D-foam has a very high expansion rate. It is also a very quick killer. You will have to fill the nest with this foam.

565 Plus XLO Contact Insecticide Pest Control is also a good product used for killing bumble bee.  This is a direct contract insecticide. You have to spray it on bumble bee.

Bee Trap

Bee trap may be the best solution of your problem. There have many types of bee trap in market. Buy any good trap from the market, and use that according to the instructions of the product's user manual. A perfect installation and ideal environment will help you getting rid of bumble bees.

Prevent Bumble Bee

Prevention is better than cure. Organic debris and mulch, greatly attract bumble bee. We should remove those things from our house for preventing them from making nest inside our house. Soda cans and other sweet juices cans attract bumble bees. So, we should remove those products from our house. Also, kitchen waste management is very important. Proper management of those products will discourage bumble bees. 

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