How to Get Rid of Spiders in the House?

Jumping Spider
Spiders are both useful and harmful insect at the same time. We can define them as friendly and harmful insect at the same time. How do they are our friend? It helps controlling house pests. They eat insects like mosquito, flies, lady beetles  and many more. So, they are our friend. 
On the other hand they also harmful. How? They make huge webs inside our house. Those nets catch dust, insects, and many thing more. Which make our house dirty. They also bit us, some of them have venom. Sometimes their bits become deadly. So, we should control spiders at home.

Now, I gonna describe, how to get rid of spiders. You can control spiders both using Non-Chemical and Chemical techniques. Both are equally effective for controlling spider infestation. Techniques should be chosen correctly depending upon the situation and the intensity of the infestation.

How to Get Rid Of Spiders in the House by Using Non-Chemical Techniques

Non-chemical techniques are safe for indoor and outdoor use. Those techniques are Eco friendly. Some non-chemical techniques are described below.
  • Spiders like to create nets in sphere woods like logs, firewood, etc.  So, we should not store a huge bunch of woods inside our house for a long period. They also love to create nets inside the bushes. So, we should trim and clean our yard properly for preventing spiders.
  • We should seal all the voids, cavities, and cracks of floor, roof, walls, and basements for controlling house spiders.
  • Spiders enter into our house through doors and windows. So, we should make our doors and windows such that they fit tightly with their frames. Then make sure that there have no tears and holes in the window screen. And will have to install bottom sweeps in all the doors. It will prevent spider infestation.
  • House insects attract spiders very much. So, we should work for controlling house insects. Pest free house, ensures spider free house.
  • Vacuuming is a great way of getting rid of spiders in the house. Spider's body is very soft and the suction pressure of vacuum cleaner smashes spider. It also clans the nets.
  • Regular sweeping and cleaning discourage spiders form coming into house. We will have to sweep edges and corners of the rooms properly.
  • Kill spiders individually by using manual techniques. You can roll-up a newspaper and hit each and every spiders. Make sure that you also removed all the nets of the spiders.
  • Spiders like to hide into boxes, papers, bags and many other clutters. So, we should try to remove unused products form our house.
  • Check properly firewood, boxes, old clothes, papers, plants, etc. before entering into your house. Spiders enter into our house through those types of products.

How to Get Rid of Spiders in the House by Using Chemical Techniques

I prefer chemical techniques when the infestation is severe and non-chemical techniques are not effective. These techniques are dependable and fast. Let’s see how to get rid of spiders in the house by using chemical techniques.
  • Web Out Cobweb Eliminator: This product is my first choice for removing spider’s nets from my house. This product is equally effective both indoor and outdoor use. It prevents reforming cobwebs. It can easily deteriorate the nets and also the connecting points, which insures neat and clean house. I love it.
  • EcoPCO: This is an organic product. This is an aerosol and used for killing house insects including spiders by direct contact. It is not very toxic. So, you should use it carefully inside your house. It don't have bad effect on pets.
  • Spider Control Kit: This is a package, which contains all the necessary products required for getting rid of spiders in house. This package includes Delta dust insecticide, CY-Kick aerosol, Trapper Monitor & Insect Trap, and Bulb Duster. Not only spiders but also ants, bedbugs, cockroach, beetles, etc. can be easily controlled by using this package.


If you identify any dangerous species of spiders like black widow spider, hobo spider, brown recluse spider, etc. then you should not try to eliminate those as DIY basis. You should contact professional exterminator for a safe remedy of that dangerous devils.  

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