Identify The Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider
Black widow spider is the most dangerous species of spider. They looks very deadly for the red danger mark on their abdomen. They look like killer ninja. Every year many people of this universe get injured by them. They are the most poisons spider in North America. Let’s see how they look like and how they differ from other species of spiders.

Physical Description of Black Widow Spider

The length of female black widow spider is around ½”, excluding the legs. Their abdomen is round and the body color is very attractive. They are shiny black in color and there has a red sign underside of their abdomen. It looks like hourglass. This sign makes it more dangerous looking. It seems that time reverse counting has just started. It’s really horrible. Sometimes the female black widow spiders looks brownish, but it is only when their abdomen is fill with foods.

Hourglass: Sometimes the red hourglass varies from its standard look. Most of the black widow spider have hourglass with perfectly merged two triangle. But, many of them have hourglass with two triangle separated with a space or one triangle with a small bar. There have also a species of spider, who has hourglass in their abdomen. But their hourglass is not red. They have brown hourglass.

Abdomen: With the increase of their age and size their abdomen color changes from shiny black to olive gray. New white stripes also appear on their abdomen. There has a longitudinal strip and three diagonal stripes along with a small black dot in each strip. 

Whitish shield: Young black widow spider don't have hourglass. They have a whitish shield on their abdomen. With the increase with their age, that whitish shield start turning into yellow, then orange, and at the final stage it becomes red. The middle of the shield converted from a wider shape to a sharp edge of a triangle.

All these signs are enough for identifying black widow spiders. This dangerous species of spider can be treated by using natural techniques. But, when the infestation is saver then I only like to use chemical techniques for controlling them. There have many spider baits in the market. Do some research and choose any effective item from the market

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