How to choose best beekeeper suit?

bee keeper suit
Bees are the most beneficial creature in this world. Because, they provide us Honey. The best food of human. Hone also works as powerful medicine against various diseases. But, honey harvesting is a easy task at all. They never allow anybody to collect honey form their hive. They have powerful stings for fighting with their enemies. Their venom is really very painful. If you have allergic effect the problem will be more dangerous. A large attack of bee may tend you to death. So, be very careful dealing with honey bee. No, compromise with safety. Today, I will discuss about some important facts about choosing the best bee keeper suit. Bee keeper suit protect us from the deadly attack by Bees.

Important Facts about Good Bee Keeper Suit

Color: The bee keeper suit should be white in color. Because, white colors are not annoying to honey bees. Colored or dark clothes are very annoying to them. They become very aggressive watching those colors. While they see deep color they release pheromones, which is a defensive hormone. The smell of pheromone makes the bees very angry. So, choose white bee keeper suit.

Quality of Clothe: You should choose such a bee keeper suit which is comfortable, thick, and strong. The suit should have the capability of preventing the stings. Bee keeping suits should be made with cotton and nylon.

Loosely Fitted: You should choose bee keeper suit which is loosely fitted with your body. Because if the bee sting penetrate into the cloth, but cannot reach to your skin. You should also wear think clothes under the bee keeper suit.

Long Sleeve: Your bee keeper suit suppose to have long sleeve, so that it can protect your arms properly. The ends of the arms should be tightly sealed with elastic, so that bees cannot enter into the suit.

Beekeeper Hat: Your beekeeper suit suppose to have a good beekeeper hat. This hat will protect your face, head, and other parts of the head. The hat should have a wide rim, which will hold the veil. The veil will made with net or transparent clothe. The bottom of the veil will penetrate into the suit and close tightly, so that bees can enter into the suit.

No opening: If there have any single space through which bees can enter into the dress, then you should avoid that suit. If you find no such opening, only then buy the suit. The bee keeper suit should provide you complete protection. No compromise with safety.

The smart guy never compromise with his safety. Use your smart thinking while choosing the best bee keeper suit. You will see a lots of bee keeper suit available in the market. You will have to choose the best one form the large list.  

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