Natural Techniques of Bedbug Controlling

Bedbug Bites 
Getting rid of bedbug is really very difficult. Bedbug is a global problem now a days. They are becoming stronger against traditional chemical pesticides. They can fight with many ordinary pesticides and can easily sustain. But, some natural techniques are still capable of eliminating bedbugs form our house completely. Today we gonna see some natural techniques of bedbug controlling.

Identification of Bedbugs

It is not very hard to identify them. Although they are master of hiding themselves into cracks, voids, cavities of bed, furniture, and wall. They hide themselves inside clothes, mattress, pillows, etc. Another problem is their size. They are very small in size, for this they can hide themselves into any narrow spaces.

So, how to identify bedbugs? Major sign of bedbug infestation is red welt on skin. When they sip blood, a small, round, red welt appear on the bitten spot. They have allergic effect on skin. 
Next, carefully inspect those places which are potential to have bedbugs, i.e. cracks of beds, chairs, tables, headboards, pillow covers, clothes, mattresses, etc. You will see brownish spots of bedbug’s droppings. Also dead body of bedbugs will be there. You will also see the eggs of bedbugs in those places. Another sign is odor of bedbug. I hate those insects for their disgusting odor. Bedbugs are the most annoying insect.

Get Rid of Bedbugs

Getting rid of bedbugs is very hard, but not impossible. Today, I will tell you, how to make a herbal spray for controlling bedbugs. This spray works like deterrent. You have to maintaining the right concentration, for its maximum effectiveness. Because, increased concentration may create headaches, nausea, and even make staying on clothes. So, try to maintain the blending ration as described below.

What we need?

  • One cup of water
  • Three drops of clove oil
  • Ten drops of rosemary oil
  • Ten drops of lavender oil
  • Ten drops of eucalyptus oil
At first call all those ingredients, and pour into a fine mist spray bottle, and shake the bottle for proper blending. By mixing properly, you will get the herbal pesticide.

Some Precaution: You should wear hand gloves, safety goggles, and apron. Undiluted herbal oils are harmful for human skin. Another problem of this product is bad effect on cat. So, you should keep away your cat form it.

Let’s Produce another Herb Sachet for Controlling Bedbugs

While traveling, bedbugs crawl into our clothes, bags, luggage, etc. and enter into our houses.
Now question is How to prevent them? Today I will show you two different recipes of Herb Sachet manufacturing. You should carry those sachets with your suitcase. The smell of those sachets will keep bedbugs away.

First Sachet

  • One coup of eucalyptus leaves (Dried)
  • Half cup of Rosemary (Dried)
  • Half cup of Lavender buds (Dried)
  • Ten Large cloves

Second Herb Sachet

  • One cup of loose leaf black walnut tea
  • Half cup of eucalyptus leaves (Dried)
  • Half cup of lavender buds (Dried)
  • One quarter cup of thyme (Dried)
  • Two bay leaves
Mix those materials properly and get super working herbal sachet. Bedbugs dislike the smell of those sachet and always maintain a safe distance. So, those products will keep your house free from bedbugs. 

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