Mr. Dog will Identify Bedbugs

Mr. Dog for Identifying Bedbugs
We already know about lots of skills of dogs. They made our life safe, comfortable, easier, and enjoyable. Today, I gonna introduce you with a new skill of dogs. Dogs can identify bedbugs very effectively.

Before describing the story, let me say something about bedbugs. Bedbugs are one of the most dangerous pests in this world. Getting rid of them is very difficult. They are becoming stronger against traditional pesticides. Because, we have already gave up some effective pesticides like DDT, because of their very bad effect on nature. Also we have started traveling more than the past. So, we are frequently carrying them from one place to another, even one country to another. In this way bedbugs are spreading all over the world.

So, this is time to take sufficient action for protecting them. But, this is not a easy task at all. Bedbug identification and treatment both are really very hard and time consuming. Dedication, experience, expertise, good knowledge, and also specialized tools and pesticides are must for getting rid of bedbugs.

We are very busy with our daily affairs. So, where is the time to do such types of works! But, these types of works are absolutely necessary for a sweet sleep. Who will do that, on behalf of you?

Mr. Dog Will Do It for You

Am I joking with you? Absolutely not. You definitely know that dogs have very powerful nose. They can easily identify weapons, drugs, gold, and so one. Dogs are used to find people, animals, lost materials, etc. They use their noses for tracking the object by following the smell.

Dogs can also identify the odor of bedbugs. A well trained dog will easily identify the smell of bedbug and warn you at the very early state of infestation. Dogs are capable of identifying bedbug’s eggs also.  Early identification of bedbug makes the extermination process quite easier.  

How much it will cost?

It is really a very important question. It depends on the service provider. It may vary from $100 to $350 per house for using any dog for identifying bedbugs. Do not worry, dogs are very honest and fast about their work. They will not take long time for identifying bedbugs. When your own house or apartment is infected with those tinny devils, they you should not worry about the money. I think, you should concern about bedbugs, rather than money. Because, bedbugs do not take long time for becoming nightmare of people. 


  1. Bedbugs are the most dangerous and annoying insect. I have them for their odor. I never can think of sleeping with them. But, identifying and treatment both are very complex. By the way, thanks @Admin for introducing new technique of identifying bedbugs. Mr. Dog is great, 100 likes for him (y)

  2. Really very interesting article "Mr. Dog for Identifying Bedbugs". I like it. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

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  3. Brooks Labradors LLC is developing and expanding our training program to include Bedbug Detection Dog training. Brooks Labradors will be producing Bedbug Detection Dogs available for duty in the Fall of 2012.
    Bedbug Detection Dogs

    1. I wanna say thanks to @Brooks Labradors LLC for providing the service. Dog training service service makes those dogs more useful. After identifying bedbug we need a good pesticide like steri-fab for killing those devils.


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