Natural Technique - Rat Control

Rat in rural house
Now a days rats are great problem in rural areas. If you live in rural area then you definitely be familiar with this problem. In every year rats destroy millions of dollar's crops.  They are also responsible of spreading many deadly diseases. So, it is very important to control them at the very beginning of the infestation.

It is very hard to get rid of rats. But, good knowledge, usable technology, expertise, and dedication will make the job quite easier. There have many ways of controlling rats like, poison baits, snap traps, live trap, natural products, etc. Today, I gonna discuss about natural techniques only.

Prevention is Better than Cure

If you notice any sign of rat infestation then you should tidy up your house perfectly. Rats like to hide in dark places which are filled with torn clothes, jute, fibers, papers, etc. They use those goods for making nest for breeding.

Then remove their food sources. They like to take grains, fruits, rice, vegetable, cake, cookies, etc. They like to eat, whatever we like. Proper housekeeping will discourage them to come into our house.

Seal All The Entrances

Rats require very narrow spaces or holes for entering into any place. The houses of rural areas many have such types of holes, voids, cracks, and/or spaces in the boundary walls and even on the house walls. Such types of holes are responsible for rat’s infestation. You must seal those openings for preventing them.

Use of Predators

Almost every people of this world familiar with Mr. Tom and Jerry. In real life Tom is very powerful than Jerry. Bring a good hunter cat to your house and observe the change. Owls are also very good hunter. Setup some nesting boxes in your yard for owls.  People are using them as natural techniques of protecting rural homestead form rats.

You may also use snake’s poo for controlling rat’s infestation in your house. Snakes like to eat rats, so rats always maintain safe distance from those predators. I think, now you are thinking about collecting snake poo!!!! Don’t worry, you will get it from your local zoo or live animal shop. Spread some poo around the infested areas. Rats will definitely leave your house just after getting the smell of those poo.

Use Traps

Using box traps is an old practice for controlling rats naturally. Box traps are very effective in rural homestead. These traps require not chemical pesticides, so you can use it safely into your house. These traps will not hart your pets.

Sticky traps are also useful for killing rats. You will find good sticky traps in the market. Bring some traps and set in places like, branches of the tree, covered electric cables, ropes, etc.

Continue those Processes

You should not stop those activities, just after getting rid of rats. Because, rats can return at any time. If you stop, then they will freely enter into your house.  

Thanks for your time for visiting my blog, as well as reading this article. 

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