Review: The Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent

Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent

Bedbug is the most annoying insect, which live with us in our bed and take our blood. They are annoying for the dangerous allergic effect by their bite, and also for their odor. I can’t think of sleeping with them. But, getting rid of them is very difficult and time consuming. 

So, what should we do if those devils are in our bed? As an answer, I can say we have to manage or adopt such a system which can protect us immediately form bedbugs. The Eco-Keeper bedbug tent is designed such a way that, it can provide immediate protection from bedbugs.  

The Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent is the most effective product with which we can get immediate protection form bedbug. Not only bedbug, but also almost every type of house insects can be handled using this tent. This tent is popular because it provides immediate control and perfect remedy form bedbugs.

Innovative Technology & Customizable Features of the Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent

This product is a blessing of modern designing technology. It is so designed that it is the most handy and highly usable bedbug tent in the market. It provides immediate and complete protection form bedbugs. Let’s see the features of The Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent.

Available Size of the Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent

Standard Twin (Single)
Standard Queen (Double)
  • Height: 43.3 Inches
  • Width: 35.4 Inches
  • Length: 74.8 Inches
  • Extension: 12 Inches foot extension

  • Height: 47.2 Inches
  • Width: 51.2 Inches
  • Length: 78.7 Inches
  • Extension:  12 Inches foot extension

Targeted Pest

  • Bed Bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Firebrats
  • Silverfish and so one

Features of the Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent

Immediate action: Eco-Keeper bed bug tent will give you immediate protection. You will need not to wait a single moment for starting the action. Whatever you use except this tent, you will have to wait for a while for starting the protection.

All around protection: Eco-Keeper bedbug tent provides all around (360ᵒ) protection. This tent will protect you from the 10 end directional attack. The slippery vinyl wraps the bottom of the tent protects your body form infestation form the bed. All other parts are covered with a super fine mesh tent, which do not allow any insect to reach to your body.

Crawl Proof Skirt: Most amazing feature of this tent is crawl proof plastic veil features. This feature does not allow bedbugs to crawl to the tent form the bed or wall.

Zip Up Cover: You will get a nice and handy tent cover. So, you can carry your tent while traveling. People get bedbug while traveling, because hotels, hospitals, hostels, etc. are most potential place for starting bedbug infestation.

Foot Extension
Foot Extension: This is the most amazing feature of this cool product. You need not to be worried about your height. This tent has 12 inches of foot extension.    

Double Zipper: The Eco-Keeper bedbug tent have double zipper for easy entry and exit. You can easily enter into the tent and exit form that zipper door.

Visibility: The tent is super visible. You can easily watch television and any other part of the room form the nice mess of the tent. You will feel comfort watching anything staying inside the tent.  

For those reasons the Eco-Keeper bed bug protection tent is the best product for immediate and complete protection form bedbug. This product also has many more cool features, which made it so popular and usable. Use Eco-Keeper bed bug protection tent and stay protected from bedbug every time, even while traveling

Review: Bedlam Bed Bug Insecticide Spray

Bedlam Bedbug Insecticide Spray
Bedbug is the most annoying house insect in this world. They are nightmare to many people like me. Because, getting rid of them is really very difficult and time consuming. Getting rid of them, requires expertise, experience, skill, specialized tools, and definitely pesticide. Today, I will introduce your with such a good pesticide, which is used for controlling those tiny devils.

Bedlam bedbug insecticide spray is so formulated that it can instantly kill bedbugs, and similar house insects. This product is a water based spray and odor less. So, it remains super working for a long period, without releasing odor. Bedlam bedbug spray will make your pillows, mattresses, headboards, blankets, foot boards, etc. bedbug free.

Active Ingredient

  • 3-phenoxybenzyl-(1RS, 3RS, 1RS<3RS)-2
  • 2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl)
  • Cyclopropanecarboxylate - 0.40%
  • N-Octyl bicycloheptene Dicarboximide - 1.60%

Target Pests

  • Bed Bugs
  • Adult Lice and Nymphs
  • Dust Mites
  • Fleas
  • Ticks

Some Good Features of Bedlam Bedbug Insecticide Spray

This product is a direct contact pesticide. It kills insects which come to its direct contact. It is a water based product, so it can penetrate into any narrowest spaces easily and kill those devils. Another good feature is that, it leaves non-staining residue to the treated areas. Those residues prevent further infestation. With this spray, you can easily treatment surfaces, walls, spaces, cracks, cavities, narrow holes, etc. This is a safe product, so you can use it around your kids, and pets. But, make sure that the area is dry after using the spray.

First Read the Manual

You should read the User Manual of the product, very carefully and follow the instructions properly. Shake the jar and spray on the infested areas properly. Make sure that, your face and nose is covered with mask.
Some specific types of fabrics may get stains. So, I recommend to test before spraying on clothes. It will protect your clothes form unwanted stains.

Do not use it on foods, grains, and also on the animals. Keep it out of reach of kids and pets. Bedlam bedbug insecticide spray is really super effective for controlling bedbugs. 

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