First Identify The Carpenter Ants And Then Get Rid Of Them

Carpenter ants are capable of destroying any type of wood within very short period. They make nest inside wood. They create tunnels inside wood and breed. With the increase in the number of ants the rate of destruction increase. They can destroy wooden furniture, even entire tree. For getting rid of carpenter ants you have to know them properly.

Carpenter ants are mainly two types.
  1. Camponotus pennsylvanicus
  2. Camponotus sayi

Image. 01  Members of carpenter ant colony

Description of Camponotus Pennsylvanicus Ant

This type of carpenter ants are very common in Nebraska. They are black in color. Their length varies from ¼” to ½”. They are the largest type of carpenter ants. 

Description of Camponotus sayi:

This type of carpenter ants are smaller. Their length varies from 3/6” to ¼”. They have reddish-brown head and black eye. Their abdomen and thorax are black. Because of their small size, they can easily distinguish with other species of ants.

Image 02. Carpenter ant
Carpenter ants are the largest species available in Europe. Normally they are red or black in color. You cannot identify carpenter ants with only its size.  A colony consists with Queen, winged male, a lots of workers(Fig. 01-From left). You will be able to identify carpenter ants by following their node. Carpenter ants have only one node, where remaining species have one or more node in their back. And the carpenter ants have even round thorax. Other type of ants have uneven thorax. For killing carpenter ants you have to identify them properly at first. 

Image 03. Non-carpenter ant
Sometimes carpenter ants hide themselves among termite.  Below some difference between carpenter ants and termite are shown.


Difference Between Carpenter Ans and Termit

  • Carpenter ants have elbow bent antenna where the termite have straight. 
  • Carpenter ants has narrow waist and termite have broad waist.
  • Carpenter ant has different size wings (Front pair of wings are larger than rear), but the termite have equal size wings.
  • Termite avoid sun light, they love darkness. On the other hand carpenter ants can be found both in sun and dark. 

Hope you will be able to identify carpenter ants and take proper steps to kill carpenter ants.  You may also use pesticides for getting rid of carpenter ant.  

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