Eliminate Carpenter Ants From Home and Garden

Eliminate Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants are small but the most dangerous insect, which can destroy wood. They are threat for wooden furniture too. They can destroy any type of wooden material, even living trees

Carpenter ants remain active during summer and spring. They make their nest inside wood. They like to live in moist places, like rotten wood, tubes, dishwashers, behind bathroom tiles, foam insulation, around kitchen sink, etc. It is very important to know their lifestyle, for selecting the most effective technique of extermination.

Actually carpenter ants do not eat wood. They usually live inside wood. They make their nest for living and breeding. They create tunnels for easy and safe movement

They usually eat sugar, protein and honey. They do not destroy wood for food as termites. They live inside woods. For making nest they like soft woods,i.e. rotten, and moist woods.

How to eliminate carpenter ants?” this is one of the most widely Googled question over internet. The answer of this question is not easy. Getting rid of carpenter ant is not so easy. The most common solution of this problem is, find their nest and destroying completely. For finding their nest you have to follow them while they return to their nest. They become most active during the sunset to midnight. You need a flash light for following them. Cover the head of the light with red papers. Because, ants cannot see red light, this will help you tracking them properly.

After finding their nest, try to catch the queen. It is very important to kill the queen first. Because, if the queen can escape and survive, then it will start tremendous breeding for recovering the loss of worker ants. And then you will have to face a great problem.

After identifying the queen kill it first and then use any technique of killing all the ants. You can manually pour hot water into the nest. Cold water is also effective.

If you be unable to identify the location of the nest then you will have to use pesticide. 

  • Use a mixture of boric acid and sugar. This mixture is very effective for destroying entire hive of ant. The worker ants usually carry the mixture to the hive and eat altogether, and die. But, the most important thing is that, you will have to maintain the exact blending ratio of sugar and boric acid. If you use too much boric acid then the worker ant will die immediately after touching the mixture. Boric acid and sugar ratio is 1:10. If you can maintain this ratio then the worker ant will not die at the spot.
  • Another answer of the question “How to eliminate carpenter ants?” is, use Corn Products. Carpenter ants cannot digest corn products. You will have to use corn made foods. If they eat all those foods then they will die and you will get rid of carpenter ants. [Note: It is collected, not experimentally proved. If anyone has experience about it then share through comment section]
  • If the severity of the attack become very dangerous then you will have to hire any professional. They know the perfect way of extermination. You can rely on them completely. 

If you do not want to hire any people then you can do some research over internet for most useful and widely used pesticides for killing carpenter ants. You should search in Google for finding best products which are widely used for controlling them. PestMall.com is a nice place from where you can find some good products easily. 


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    1. Organic pest controlling also protect our nature. Thanks for loving my article. Please see the list below about ant control.

      Get Rid of Carpenter Ants
      Eliminate carpenter ants from home and garden
      Know carpenter ants and get rid of it


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