Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Ants!!! Those little insects are very much capable of destroying our wooden furniture. They make nest inside woods and damage beautiful wooden furniture of our house. Getting rid of carpenter ant is not so easy. Today I gonna show you how to control them. 

Its really a big challenge to control those insects. You have to know their nature very well, before starting the extermination. You have to have good knowledge about, where they live, how they live, what they eat, when they find food, how they find food, etc. You probably know that they follow single trail while sourcing food. You have to identify the trail and wipe the area, and wash away the smell which they use for communicating. 

Follow the trail and find the hive, then start the next level of extermination. Pour hot water into the hive and destroying it. Soda water is also very effective for destroying ant's hive. Carbonation of soda kills all the carpenter ants by suffocation.

If the nest is inside the house, like places as basement or in the kitchen cabinet, then you will have to think more seriously about the issue. You can kill carpenter ants by using WD -40. WD-40 is very successful in killing carpenter ants. Just spray and watch the magic. WD-40 is a powerful tool, which you can use for getting rid of carpenter ants.

Another good and powerful tool of getting rid of carpenter ants is boric acid. Boric acid kills carpenter ants within a very short time. You need to mix boric acid with sugar in a controlled way, so that the proportion remain exactly 1:10. If you use extensive amount of boric acid then the ant will die immediately after touching the mixture, instead of carrying that into their hive. If you use 1:10 mixture, then they will carry those mixture to the colony and eat all together, and consequently they will die. 

Hope you will be able to get rid of carpenter ants by using any of the techniques mentioned above. But, depending on the amount of ants, sizes of hive, the technique may vary. If your problem is too sever then you should take expert advice. You will find good information about most working, reliable, and widely used pesticides from Google. Just Google your problem and find the best way of fixing that. 

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