Cahaba Snake Trap: Controlling Snakes in the Lawn

No need to introduce you guys with snake. Not only me, but also every human stay away from those deadly devils. Although all snakes are deadly, thousands of lives are waste away each year by the venom of snake. Nonvenomous snakes are equally dangerous. So, you can't ignore them. Cahaba snake trap is a nice tool, which you can use for keeping snakes away from your lawn.

Features of Cahaba Snake Trap

  • Non Poisonous:  This trap is 100% nontoxic. You can use it where ever you want. It will not harm your kids and pets.
  • Powerful Tool: Cahaba snake trap is a very powerful tool for killing snake. Whenever snakes come to the contact with the glue, they can't escape anyway. The Cahaba Snake Trap is a great deadly trap.
  • Handy and user friendly: This trap is very handy and user friendly. You can use to whenever and where ever you need. You can easily use it into your lawn. It is equally effective for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Features:
Target Pest
Manufactured By
Cahaba Snake Trap
Length :30"
Width   :10"
Height  :3"
  • Easy to manage dead body: You can easily handle the body of the snake. You should search YouTube for watching practical demonstration of Cahaba Snake Trap usage. 

Cahaba Snake Trap is really a great tool for keeping your lawn snake free. Have a snake free lawn and stay safe. Cahaba Snake Trap will keep your kids and pets safe form those devils. Snake free house, tension free life.


  1. Thank you for taking some time to write this post. Even though we don’t deal with them every day, snakes are an important part of our planet’s life. They are different from any other animals we know and many people are extremely afraid of them. The fear is natural and many times welcomed, as snakes use venom to defend their own skin when they feel attacked. See more

  2. You are absolutely right.
    But, sometimes the situation become so critical, that we do not have any other option rather than using those traps.


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