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Homemade Fire Ant Killer Recipe

Fire Ant” other name of Pain. Almost everyone has experience of fire ant's bite. Their venom make pain like fire burn. Sometimes they become problem in our life. They biite our kids, destroy our garden, damage our grains, and even our furniture. Many of us use chemical baits for controlling those devils. But, chemical baits are not good for our nature, atmosphere, and ECO system.

For this we need to know homemade fire ant killer recipe. Today I will introduce you with some good homemade techniques for controlling fire ants.

Stain remover Is stain remover work for controlling fire ant!!!!!!!!Yes, stain remover works for controlling those insects. Because it contains “BORAX”. Borax is a powerful product which is very much capable of controlling ants. So, you should go to your laundry room at first after identifying ants attack in your house for finding stain remover and directly spray on them. It will help you controlling them dramatically.
Boric acid and SugarYes, again I am telling y…

Review: Flea Stoppers

Fleais an annoying insect. They are responsible for various skin diseases of our loving pets. It is very hard to get rid of them. We need to use highly toxic pesticide for controlling flea. Toxic pesticide is bad for our kids and pets health. 

Don’t worry, I am going to introduce you with a good alternative of high toxic chemical pesticide. Flea Stopper is a good and effective product used for controlling flea infestation.
Nontoxic ProductYes,Flea Stopper is a nontoxic product. It is not 100% non toxic, but the level of toxicity is very low.  It naturally works by dehydrating flea’s body. When flea come to the contact with this powder, the powder start dehydrating and as a result they die.
Flea Stopper is produced by formulated boric acid. So, it can be used inside and outside of our house where ever we need.
Odorless and ColorlessFlea stopper is an odorless and colorless powder. So, there have no risk of discomfort by odor after using it. Many pesticides can change color of carpet or …

Review: Pantry Patrol

Beetles and Moths are really very annoying. They are annoying because of their nature. They do harm of our loving plants in our garden. They destroy our food grains, also harm our clothes. Getting rid of them is very complex and time consuming. For complete extermination it requires proper knowledge, skill, and expertise. Today I gonna introduce you with a good pesticide which is widely used for controlling beetles and moths. This magical pesticide is called Pantry Patrol.
Pheromone Based PesticideThis pheromone based product will protect your stored food grains from beetles and moths. It is a very strong sex attractant product mixed with organic oil. The scents of Pantry Patrol strongly attract various species of beetles and moths. This trap never allows any insect to escape.  
Price Table01 Box = 02 Traps $ 11.95 03 Box = 06 Traps $ 26.85 10 Box = 20 Traps $ 79.90 12 Box = 24 Traps $ 83.40  * Price May Vary
Target Pest(s) Flour BeetlesCabinet BeetlesAlmond MothCigarette Beetles…

Review: Trapper Rat Glue Board

No need to introduce you guys with those gentle man! They are responsible for spreading many deadly diseases. Getting rid of them is really very hard and time consuming. Proper knowledge make the job quite easier. Today, I am gonna introduce you with a good product. Trapper Rat Glue Board is a magical product is used for controlling rats.  

Non Poisonous Trapper Rat Glue Board is a non poisonous product. Its a 100% safe product. You can use it whenever, and wherever you need. Despite of having kids and pets, you can use it inside your house. It will not harm them, only kill Rats!

Where You Can Use It?This product is effective for killing rats from trapper plastic tunnels. You can also use it in the below listed places. Food plantsKitchensRestaurantsFood processing plantsHospitalsResidencesZoo, etc.

Quantity & Price ChartThree packs or Six Boards $15.90 Six packs or Twelve Boards $27.98 One case or Twenty Four packs $79.68 Two case or Forty Eight packs $135.84

Review: Catchmaster Mouse & Insect Glue Trap

I am Arif, today I gonna tell you about a nice product, which is used for controlling rodents and insects. Which is called Catchmaster Mouse & Insect Glue Trap. You can do a try of this nice trap. 
Scented Adhesive is used for producing Catchmaster Mouse and Insect Glue Traps. This product is so designed for attracting insects and rats. Not only insects but also small mammals like rat, rodents, mice, etc. can be killed by this magical product.
Target pests: FlyCockroachesSpidersPantry PestsMice, etc. 
Where To Use It?You can use Catchmaster Mouse & Insect Glue Trap where ever we need. You can fold it easilyand give any shape, like cylinder, square, curved, etc. You can easily avoid handling and bait contamination problem, by giving box shape. Catchmaster do not contain any toxic or harmful chemical, so you can use it safely inside your house.
Ideal Substitute of Toxic Baits Generally we use various types of toxic baits for controlling house insects and rodents. Catchmaster Mouse &a…