Review: Flea Stoppers

Flea Stoppers
Flea is an annoying insect. They are responsible for various skin diseases of our loving pets. It is very hard to get rid of them. We need to use highly toxic pesticide for controlling flea. Toxic pesticide is bad for our kids and pets health. 

Don’t worry, I am going to introduce you with a good alternative of high toxic chemical pesticide. Flea Stopper is a good and effective product used for controlling flea infestation.

Nontoxic Product

Yes, Flea Stopper is a nontoxic product. It is not 100% non toxic, but the level of toxicity is very low.  It naturally works by dehydrating flea’s body. When flea come to the contact with this powder, the powder start dehydrating and as a result they die.

Flea Stopper is produced by formulated boric acid. So, it can be used inside and outside of our house where ever we need.

Odorless and Colorless

Flea stopper is an odorless and colorless powder. So, there have no risk of discomfort by odor after using it. Many pesticides can change color of carpet or anything on which we need to use pesticides. But, flea stoppers do not harm color of cloths. So, you can use it without any hesitation on colorful clothes.

Price Chart

1 Jar = 5 lbs
2 Jar = 5 lbs per jar

Target Pest

            All types of flea.

How to Use Flea Stoppers

Before using it you have to shake it properly. You should use it on the bed of your pets. Also use on the carpet, rug, cushions, furniture, pet quarters, etc. properly. You should use it with Bellow duster or Centrobulb duster for the best performance of this product.

You can use it inside your room, farms, zoo, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, and places like those. You can use it wherever you want.

Flea free house, healthy pets. Flea stoppers will ensure you a flea free house. 

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