Review: Pantry Patrol

Pantry Patrol

Beetles and Moths are really very annoying. They are annoying because of their nature. They do harm of our loving plants in our garden. They destroy our food grains, also harm our clothes. Getting rid of them is very complex and time consuming. For complete extermination it requires proper knowledge, skill, and expertise. Today I gonna introduce you with a good pesticide which is widely used for controlling beetles and moths. This magical pesticide is called Pantry Patrol.

Pheromone Based Pesticide

This pheromone based product will protect your stored food grains from beetles and moths. It is a very strong sex attractant product mixed with organic oil. The scents of Pantry Patrol strongly attract various species of beetles and moths. This trap never allows any insect to escape.  

Price Table

01 Box = 02 Traps
$ 11.95
03 Box = 06 Traps
$ 26.85
10 Box = 20 Traps
$ 79.90
12 Box = 24 Traps
$ 83.40
 * Price May Vary

Target Pest(s)

  • Flour Beetles
  • Cabinet Beetles
  • Almond Moth
  • Cigarette Beetles
  • Indian Meal Moth

Where to Use Pantry Patrol

You can use it where ever you need. It is nontoxic, so no need to be worried about toxicity on pets and kids.

Listed Items:

  • Pet food
  • Bird seed
  • Pasta
  • Peanuts
  • Spices
  • Botanical (plant matter)
  • Dried arrangements
  • Oatmeal
  • Cake and bread mixes
  • Popcorn
  • Other grain based food items

How to Use Pantry Patrol

Simply open the cover of the box and place it in the most infested area. Simply separate the 2 pieces from each other and place in the infested areas. The dust cover, protects the pheromone and organic oil from dust contamination.

Generally you should check the pantry patrol once or twice in a month. But, depending upon the nature of infestation you may change. Replace the Pantry Patrol when it fills with beetles and moths. Pantry Patrol will give you a month and beetle free grain storage.


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