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Homemade Fire Ant Killer Recipe

Fire Ant” other name of Pain. Almost everyone has experience of fire ant's bite. Their venom make pain like fire burn. Sometimes they become problem in our life. They biite our kids, destroy our garden, damage our grains, and even our furniture. Many of us use chemical baits for controlling those devils. But, chemical baits are not good for our nature, atmosphere, and ECO system.

For this we need to know homemade fire ant killer recipe. Today I will introduce you with some good homemade techniques for controlling fire ants.

Stain remover Is stain remover work for controlling fire ant!!!!!!!!Yes, stain remover works for controlling those insects. Because it contains “BORAX”. Borax is a powerful product which is very much capable of controlling ants. So, you should go to your laundry room at first after identifying ants attack in your house for finding stain remover and directly spray on them. It will help you controlling them dramatically.
Boric acid and SugarYes, again I am telling y…

How to Prevent Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spider is one of the most dangerous species of spider. They are 15 times more dangerous than rattle snake. I have already discussed about the process of identification in another article, called How to Identify Black Widow Spiders. Today, I will show you How to Prevent Black Widow Spiders. Prevention is better than cure. So, let’s start our journey!
Cleaning Black widow spiders love to live in dark. They make their net in such places where people don't go regularly. Actually they like to live in such place where they can build net and hunt insects without any interruption. Holes, cavities, cracks, window edges, door frames, corner of the room, etc. are their likely places for making habitat. So, you should clean your house regularly.
Clutter Management Clutter is the heaven to black widow spiders. They love to make net inside clutter. You can control them by proper clutter management. You should remove all the unnecessary clothes, shows, papers, books, etc. form your …

How to Identify Black Widow Spiders

Spider is the name of a dangerous insect, at the same time they are friend of ours. They help us by killing house insects. They help us controlling insects on our crops. But, few species of spiders are harmful and dangerous for us. They have strong venom and sometime they are deadly. Black Widow Spider is one of the most dangerous spider of this world. They can seriously injure us.
Getting rid of black widow spider is very complex. But, the prerequisite of getting rid of them is Identification of Black Widow Spiders properly. Today I will show you how to identify black widow spiders. We will categories the identification process into three divisions, i.e. 01. How to Recognize Black Widow Spiders, 02. Know Their Habits, and 03. Understand The Danger Of Their Bite. Let’s see how to identify black widow spiders sequentially.
First Step: How to Recognize Black Widow Spiders?They are the very common figure across the North America. The US, Canada, and their neighboring countries are ideal h…