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Homemade Fire Ant Killer Recipe

Fire Ant” other name of Pain. Almost everyone has experience of fire ant's bite. Their venom make pain like fire burn. Sometimes they become problem in our life. They biite our kids, destroy our garden, damage our grains, and even our furniture. Many of us use chemical baits for controlling those devils. But, chemical baits are not good for our nature, atmosphere, and ECO system.

For this we need to know homemade fire ant killer recipe. Today I will introduce you with some good homemade techniques for controlling fire ants.

Stain remover Is stain remover work for controlling fire ant!!!!!!!!Yes, stain remover works for controlling those insects. Because it contains “BORAX”. Borax is a powerful product which is very much capable of controlling ants. So, you should go to your laundry room at first after identifying ants attack in your house for finding stain remover and directly spray on them. It will help you controlling them dramatically.
Boric acid and SugarYes, again I am telling y…

Spider Control by Chestnuts

Some species of spiders are very dangerous. Few species are even more toxic than snakes. Huge number of people are getting serious injury by those devils each year. Getting rid of spiders is really very difficult and sometimes very costly. 

Natural techniques are really very effective and Eco friendly. Today, I am going to introduce you with a natural product used for controlling spiders. Chestnutis a nice and super effective product used for controlling house spiders.

Why Chestnuts for Spider Controlling?There have many chemical pesticides in the market used for controlling spiders. Many of them are nice working for controlling spiders. But, some of them are toxic and may have bad effect on Ecosystem. Which results long term negative effect on nature. In such a situation Chestnuts can be a good alternative of those chemical pesticide.

Chestnuts Repel SpidersChestnut is very familiar among people for controlling spiders. Chestnut Oil is a natural repellent of spiders. This bio oil is no…

How to Hunt and Kill Black Widow Spiders?

Blackwidow spiders are the most dangerous species of spider. I have already discussed How to Identify Black Widow Spiders and How to Prevent Black Widow Spiders. Today I will show you how to hunt and kill those deadly devils. Let’s see how to do that!!!
Locate Their Nets and Smash Them  I already told that Black Widow Spiders are nocturnal insects. So, you will not find them at day time. You should look for their nets at daylight and destroy.
Where they are available?  They love to live in dark. Normally people do not have access in such places. They love to live inside cracks, cavities, holes, corners of furniture, edge of windows and doors, inside unused shows, etc. Search those places of your house for identifying them. Do not try to kill them with naked hand, use gloves for your own safety, and use a long stick for killing those dangerous insects.
Choose A Suitable Tool From The List Below For Killing Those InsectsYou can choose any of the technique from the list below for killing th…