How to Hunt and Kill Black Widow Spiders?

Black Widow Spider

Blackwidow spiders are the most dangerous species of spider. I have already discussed How to Identify Black Widow Spiders and How to Prevent Black Widow Spiders. Today I will show you how to hunt and kill those deadly devils. Let’s see how to do that!!!

Locate Their Nets and Smash Them  

I already told that Black Widow Spiders are nocturnal insects. So, you will not find them at day time. You should look for their nets at daylight and destroy.

Where they are available? 

They love to live in dark. Normally people do not have access in such places. They love to live inside cracks, cavities, holes, corners of furniture, edge of windows and doors, inside unused shows, etc. Search those places of your house for identifying them. Do not try to kill them with naked hand, use gloves for your own safety, and use a long stick for killing those dangerous insects.

Choose A Suitable Tool From The List Below For Killing Those Insects

You can choose any of the technique from the list below for killing those black widow spiders. After identification those nets you should directly spray on them or sprinkle dust.
  • Dust: Dust are really very effective for controlling those devils. You should be very careful while using it. Direct contact may be very dangerous for kids and pets. You should use it inside holes, voids, cracks, etc.
  • Liquid Spray: You can use liquid spray on the edge of furniture, windows, doors, bookshelf, etc. It is available in pesticide shops in powdered form. You need to mix it with water for preparing the liquid spray.
  • Aerosol Spray: You can also use aerosol for killing black widow spiders. “WebOut Cobweb Eliminator” is a good Aerosol, you can try it. You will find many good aerosols in the market.
  • Smash the spiders: This is also a good technique of killing black widow spiders. Smash them with any wood piece, shoe, rolled paper, or something like that. Do not use your naked hand, they will bite you.
  • Vacuum Cleaner: This is also a good technique of killing black widow spiders. Use hose attached vacuum cleaner and suck them. A hose attached vacuum cleaner will keep you away from those dangerous spiders.

All those techniques are really very effective for controlling black widow spiders at home.  Keep your house clean and dark free. Regularly inspect those places which are potential for having black widow spiders. Early identification will help you saving time, money, and work. 

Many thanks for staying with us and also for your time. Hope you will have a black widow spider free safe house.  

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