Signs of Bedbugs

Bedbug is one of the most dangerous and annoying house insects. They are really very dangerous. Getting rid of bedbug is one of the most hard, time consuming, difficult, and definitely costly extermination process. It is important and necessary to identify the infestation as early as possible. Because, a large number of bedbug is really a matter of great tension. If we know the signs of bedbug infestation properly, then we will be able to take immediate steps for controlling them.

Musty odor

Bedbug spread one kind of obnoxious and musty odor. The odor is very annoying. Almost every people dislike that odor. Bedbug infested areas have that kind of odor. If you feel any odor like that you should inspect your mattress, headboard, pillows, bed sheets, etc. very carefully. Odor is one of the strong signs of bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Fecal Spots

Bedbug Fecal Spots
Bedbug infested areas contains lots of fecal spots. You can easily identify bed bug infestation if you know those fecal spots. See an image of Fecal Spots of Bedbugs form the image below. 

Eggshells and Shed Skins

Bedbug's Egg 
Bedbug infested area contains a lots of eggshells and shed skins around the infested areas. Around the headboard, bed sheets, pillows, mattress, window cracks and voids, and also in the furniture cracks and voids you will see bedbug’s eggshells, and shed skins. If you see any suspicious things then search eggshells and shed skins, which are strong signs of bed bugs.

Blood stains

Bedbug blood stains
Blood stain is also one of the important signs of bed bug infestation. Bedbugs infested areas like bed sheets, pillow cover, mattress cover, etc. contains reddish dark blood strains. If you find any blood stains on those things then you should be careful about infestation. 


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